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TRCH Robin Hood

LeftLion Magazine #37

1 October 10

Featuring the British Arts Show, This Is England 86, Stewart Lee, Sideshow, Tony the Interpretive Dancer, Dotty's cafe, Hockley Hustle and more

May Contain Notts

The news diary that breaks into Leicester train station at 4am and writes ‘CHILD MO’ above all the placenames

Our photography-inclined mates steal the souls of unsuspecting locals once more

A Canadian in New Basford
A tale of a boy, a boiler, and some bodging builder bell-ends

The Magnificent 7
The British Art Show comes to town for three whole months – and we’ve had a word with the curators and previewed some of the show

Dog Is Dead: the mutt’s nuts

Thatcher's Children
Smell and Lol from This Is England ’86 glam theirsen up for the Lion and talk about the recent Channel 4 series

It Shouldn’t Happen To A Veg
When you open a veggie café on Mansfield Road, you unlock the gates of Hell

Yay, Very Lee
Stewart Lee comes to town, and talks to us about dead dad’s tuffehs

Can’t Knock The Hustle
Adam Pickering on the Hockley Hustle

Hold Me Closer, Tony Dancer
The legendary ANTRØNY: better than Bez

Crash Us A Flag, Youth
Our squad of top-flight designers create a series of flags for Notts

Opportunity knocks for Alice Rock, Bloodleech, Gallery 47, Love Ends Disaster!, The Soundcarriers, MuHa, Ocean Bottom Nightmare, Patriot Rebel and ManEatLike Pig

The festival that makes gamers leave their house for a change

Another massive and dead long arts festival in town? Ooh, yes please. Find out more about all the Sideshow events

Another two-page lit-binge, including three book reviews the return of Katie Half- Price

The Cross Keys, Terracotta and The Sir John Borlaise Warren get the tea on for our reviewers

Notts Trumps
Plus the Arthole, LeftLion Abroad and Rocky Horrorscopes

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