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Confetti - Your Future

LeftLion Magazine #40

1 April 11

Featuring William and Kate's Royal Wedding, Record Store Day, Royal Gala, Alistair McGowan, Andy Barrett, Richard Herring, Writing East Midlands and more...

May Contain Notts
The news diary that knows you can’t spell ‘Nottingham’ without an ‘M’, an ‘O’, an ‘N’ and a ‘G’

Eye candy from our team of  snappers, this month featuring a giant lobster, a working forge, fireworks, My Chemical Romance and daffodils

A Canadian in New Basford
Rob gets excited by the prospect of Wills and Kate getting hitched

The Royal Family
The eighteen-legged live music phenomenon known as Royal Gala sit down with us for a natter and offer us some viagra

Write Up Your Street
Henderson Mullin, head honcho of Writing East Midlands, tells us about the challenges local writers face with the recent funding cuts

Making An Impression
TV impressionist and experienced board-treader Alistair McGowan mulls over Cloughie, the Nottingham accent and his new play at the Lakeside

Hello Dolly
Andy Barrett talks to us about Chinese operas, staging a performance at the castle and writing a play about a genetically-modified animal

Art Works
Our new regular feature on local artists looks at Kathryn Cooper’s Come Time With Me and Jeffery Baker’s Buried Monument

Independents Day
Our music editor looks at the dying trade of the independent record store and talks to the people behind Heavy Sounds, The Music Exchange and Selectadisc (RIP)

Write Lion
Poems about motherhood and smoking in pubs, reviews of books by Tom Warner and David Belbin

The latest licks from the LeftLion stereo. This month with Duke01, Jezz Hall, The Henry Road, Illuminatus, The Lukewarm Equation, Oldboy, RUBIX, Shrinkwrap and Verbal Warning

Five Loaves and Two Fishes
Richard Herring explains to us why he’s not trying to offend Christians and mourns the loss of the Tales of Robin Hood

Nottingham Events Listings
What to spend your money on, while you still have some

We fill our bellies at Jamie’s ItalianMemSaab and Squeek

LeftLion Abroad
Plus Rocky Horrorscopes, The Arthole and Notts Trumps

We have a favour to ask…

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