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LeftLion Magazine #42

1 August 11

Featuring Roxy Rob, Martin Allen, Mark Crossley, The Money, Michael Pinchbeck, Mark Patterson and your 2011/12 football season preview...

May Contain Notts
The local news diary that responds to stag do tossers asking where ‘Whoretown’ is by pointing towards St Anns and saying; “Don’t forget the secret password, lads: NG2

More photography-related japery, starring the good folk of Nottingham
Rob takes a good look at British print media, particularly the ones on the top shelf
The Money: your Future Sound of Nottingham champs
Trentformers: Teams In Total Transition
Forest and County, broken down to their very last compound
An exclusive interview with the County gaffer
The legendary Norm on life after Brian
Mark Patterson on the shameful lack of Roman remains in Notts
Notts playwright Michael Pinchbeck adjusts his box in preparation for The Ashes
The Nottingham Comedy Festival: it’s a serious job trying to organise it 
The Roxy Rob interview
Art Works
Featuring Maxrock and Gillian Lee Smith

Write Lion
The latest missives from the Notterati

Navajo Youth, Jody Betts, Fixit Kid, Gallery 47, Lois, Medium Death Kick, Kirk Spencer, Alana and Red Shoe Diaries get tabholed
The return of Headstock
Nottingham Event Listings
Read this and do summat, you miserable get
We hoover up the wares of the Cross Keys, Gurkha Kitchen and Tropiero
Rocky Horrorscopes
Plus LeftLion Abroad, The Arthole and Notts Trumps

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