LeftLion Magazine #41

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Liam Bailey, Nusic, Dom Joly, Darren Fletcher, Splendour, Mick Newell, Marcus Clarke and more


LeftLion Magazine - Issue 41
  June - July 2011


LeftLion Magazine Issue 37 - Cover image by Rob Antil
LeftLion Magazine Issue 31
Cover image by Marcus Clarke

LeftEyeOn - photography from around Notts
Liam Bailey

Interview with Hockley Hustle founder Adam Pickering
Tim Smith of Fourmost Films

British Art Show 7 - interviews with the curators
Architects of Air: creators of luminaria


May Contain Notts
The news diary that saw you coming
out of Fords with your Mam and is
going to get you well shamed up at

Pic-related palaver from across the

A Canadian in New Basford
Our Rob cocks his nose up at your
rubbish barbeque, and rightly so

He Is The Same
Liam Bailey: about to kick in the door
for Notts music?

President Vegan
Patrick Smith: the meat-free man
with the masterplan

Get The Shorts In
Tim Smith of Fourmost Films

Go Straight To Del, Boy
Mark Del of Nusic, that is - he could
get you or your band on the main
stage at Splendour

606: The Number Of The Beast
Darren Fletcher of Five Live talks
about being mates with Robbie

Nottingham Is Blowing Up
Architects of Air bring a
luminarium to Lakeside

Under The Bridge
It’s Mick Newell, gaffer of
reigning champions Notts CCC

We Are Always Touched By Your
Presence, Deer

Your full Splendour 2011 preview

A Flower Grows In Lenton
Crocus – part-gallery, part-community
centre, all good

Puppet Dictator
Marcus Clarke keeps his hand in as
a professional puppeteer

Spotlight Kid
This year’s Notts representatives at

Fresh As A Daisy
Introducing Scott Wilson

Art Works
Amy Blackwell and Ging

Well Joly
Dom Joly says hello

Notts bands and artists given the
tabholing they deserve

I ♥ Newark
The return of Americana

Nottingham Events Listings
Whats on in God’s own town

Neat 11
Your full preview

Write Lion
Two pages of literary latherings

Iberico, Kayal and Moog reviewed

The Arthole
Plus Rocky Horrorscopes, LL Abroad
and Notts Trumps

Flags for Nottingham - by Rikki Marr, Lord Biro, James Huyton, Chris Summerlin, Si Mitchell and Rob White
Photographer Scott Wilson

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