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Motorpoint Arena

LeftLion Magazine #43

1 October 11

Featuring Goose Fair, The Lambhorse Cabaret, Kid 30, The Austin Francis Connection, the Nottingham Panthers, Mimm, Niki Valentine, and sex advice from the Fish Man...

May Contain Notts

The news diary that thinks that people who say ‘Noogar’ instead of ‘Nuggit’ should be spayed in the Market Square

Bridges, baby animals, boarded-up shops: you name it, we’ve snapped it

A Canadian in New Basford
Our Rob has his first taste of Goose Fair – and detects a distinct tang of tracksuit bottoms and peas

Nothing Fair About It
Sydney Race: the Boswell of Goose Fair

Broader Than Broad Street
The multi-faceted Mimm massive

The Kid Stays In The Picture
Kid30 (aka Smallkid) opens up his scrapbook

Austin Power
The Austin Francis Connection bring the noise, but gently

The Bothy
A bonus track from Niki Valentine’s new novel

You’re Just Making It Up As You Go Along

Missimp: the great pretenders

Smashed It!
The return of GameCity

The Biggest Slappers In Town
The Nottingham Panthers: best pro team in Notts?

Mam, What’s A Lambhorse?
The Lambhorse Cabaret: they look like Satan’s Quality Street tin

House Party
The Raise The Roof! Festival

Nottingham Events Listings
If it’s happening in Notts, it’s being previewed here

Music Reviews
8mm Orchestra, The Elementz, Lone, Nina Smith, Ursa Major, Without Maps, Swimming, Paige Elizabeth Guy and Spaceships Are Cool

Book Reviews
Ray Bank, Danuta Reah, Charlie Williams, Maria Harbon, Tony Hill, Alistair Darling and Katie Half-Price

Crump It Up, Homeboy
Johnny Crump, that is

Art Works
Hannah Lobley and the Time Freeze Fan Club

The Crocus Cafe, The Orange Tree and the Golden Fleece

Mither Squad
Your personal problems, discussed in a frank and aware manner by grocers on Haydn Road and the Fish Man

Notts Trumps
Plus Rocky Horrorscopes, The Arthole and LeftLion Abroad

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