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LeftLion Magazine #50

1 December 12

A bumper fiftieth issue with the Creative Quarter, Shane Meadows, Kappa Gamma, Kagoule, Nottingham Ball Bois, Hatch, Reactor, Damn You! and more

May Contain Notts
The news diary that leaves its Christmas lights up all year round and doesn’t give a toss what the neighbours think

People and things of Nottingham, caught on camera

The Creative Quarter, explained
Kappa Gamma: Notts Music’s next big thing?
Nottingham Ball Bois: your gay-friendly neighbourhood football team
The cover star of our first issue, revisited 
Nottingham’s musical anoraks, in conversation
The Booker-shortlisted Alison Moore
The mother hen of Hatch
Andrew Wells
Light-painting photographic trickery a speciality
Coming this month: all-Notts internet TV
Reactor: reality gone wrong
Clumber Street
Your chance to have a duddoo tin as skill as ours
Big two-page special on some of Nottingham’s most crafty
The Damn You! Covers Party

Nusic Box
Your Notts new music tip sheet
Another twelve bands and artists get tabholed
Poetry, reviews, and Katie Half-Price gets her hands on 50 Shades of Grey
Delilah, Desi Downtown and Turtle Bay get nibbled at

The Arthole
Plus Notts Trumps, LL Abroad and Rocky Horrorscopes

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