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LeftLion Magazine #47

3 June 12 words: LeftLion

Underground Notts, Natalie Duncan, Justin Fashanu, Jake Bugg, Hetain Patel and a free Euro 12 wallchart

LeftLion #45
LeftLion Magazine issue 47

Caves of Nottingham


Jake Bugg


Justin Fashanu


May Contain Notts
The news diary that ate

More photographic evidence
of town-related whatnot

A Canadian In New Basford
Rob bends the knee to the Queen,
like a good colonial

Rock City
Caves in Notts: there’s loads of ‘ em,
and David Strange-Walker knows 
where the best ones are

The Notorious Bugg
Jake Bugg: Clifton’s Most Wanted

A Body of Work
Hetain Patel, walking canvas

Talk of the Devil
Natalie Duncan

Justin Fashanu
The full story, told at last

Derrick Buttress
The Broxtowe Boy’s lifelong affair
with the Square - and info on
his involvement on The Space

Euro 12 Wallchart
Will England go all the way?
Don’t be sucky – but fill this out
in any case

Art Works
Rosemary MacLennan
and Michael Cowell

The return of Splendour

Nottingham Event Listings
It’s Summer. No students.
Reclaim your city, Nottingham

Captain Dangerous
The Empire Strikes Back

Wham, Bam, Thank You
And Goodnight, Amdram

A comprehensive guide to our
small theatre scene

Nusic Box
A massive Future Sound of
Nottingham special

With Baby Godzilla, Hot
Japanese Girl, Will Jeffery,
The Petebox, Spaceships
Are Cool, Cantaloupe
and loads more

Write Lion
Reviews, poetry, listings and
all things wordy

Ethiopian snap, secret kitchens,
Modern British and a very badleh
kebab reviewer

Notts Trumps
Plus LeftLion Abroad, The Arthole
and Rocky Horrorscopes

Videomakers of Nottingham
Euro 12 Wallchart


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