TRCH Classic Thriller Season

LeftLion Magazine #74

1 December 15 words: LeftLion

With Dynamo, Samuel Morley, Yazmin Lacey, My First Grow, Georgie, Nottingham Hoods, Jonny Owen, Helen Watts, Nottstradamus and more...

Advertising Sectioned
Plus Street Tales, What Notts and Overheard in Notts

The most festive pictures to cross our paths this month

A magical chat with Dynamo ahead of his Notts show

Georgie Best
Our girl has just been signed to Columbia Records, so we caught up for a natter

Ayup Duck
We’ve gone all out, with our Notts version of The Night Before Christmas

Public Speakers
The lowdown on Rockers, Soulheads and Lovers: Sound Systems Back in da Day

Queens of Noise
The ladies behind Fan Club tell us why women rock

My First Grow
Cannabis Grow Kits for Kids? You what?

Hood Dreams
We dribbled with our very own basketball team, the Nottingham Hoods

Lacey Up
Yazmin Lacey not only has the voice of an angel, she’s the woman behind CYF

Miracle Man
Actor/director Jonny Owen on Forest epic I Believe in Miracles

Where lies the fate of our city? Find out in these here predictions

Samuel Morley
Bleddy hell, this guy was just too good to be true. But true he was

Word Cup XI
We’ve created a monster! Well, the most literary football team to ever exist

Watts: The Story
The Dilettante Society unravel the story of our local suffragette, Helen Watts

Art Works
With Amber Louise Snow

Pick of the Month: December
Stuff to do besides celebrating the birth of a lil babby
December and January’s events. Plus Nusic Box and Promoter Focus

Pick of the Month: NYE
It’s the biggest night of the year. So do summat special with it, duck

With The Barrel Drop, The Pudding Pantry and the Christmas Market

Music Reviews
Bleddy hell. Hark at all these bangin’ Notts albums

Write Lion
A collection of book reviews on steroids. Have a read
End Page
With Horrorscopes, Art Hole, and a letter to Santa

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