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LeftLion Magazine #69

26 June 15 words: LeftLion

With Saint Raymond, Liam Bailey, Tristram Aver, Luke Fletcher, The Dilettante Society, Dukki, Suspect Alibi, Nottingham Caesars and more

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Cover: James Walker/Paul Fillingham

Advertising Sectioned
Plus Street Tales, What Notts, Tommo Bros and a crossword

They’re all pictures, and they’re all Nottingham… ish

In Focus: Saint Raymond
The anthem churner-outer answers our snappy questions

Definitely Bailey
Liam Bailey is finally dropping his debut LP

We spoke to Alex Davis of Boo Books about his upcoming lit fest

Aver Gander
Newstead Abbey encapsulated into a triptych by Tristram Aver

In The Dog House
Doggen, the boy from Bestwood who has made his mark on British rock

Changing the Channel
As director Ian Smith goes out, longtime workshopper Nic Harvey steps in

Can’t Beat a Bit of Bulwell
Cricketer, Luke Fletcher, is a local lad with a few stories up his kit sleeve

UNESCO City of Literature: Boothalicious
The Salvation Army didn’t just drop out of the sky, y’know

Hail Caesars
Turns out, American football is a bit of a thing around these parts

Sound Alibi
The foursome who are opening Splendour, plus Nusic Box

alt text
Spoke n Words. Illustration: Christopher Paul Bradshaw

Jest a Little Bit
The Dilettante Society spill the beans about an entertainer who played the fool

Art Works
With Nicholas Wright and Heidi Hargreaves

Spoke n Words
Smogging hell. Listen up cyclists – Nottingham air is proper dutty

Pick of the Month
Nottinghamites get busy with these choice events

With Promoter Focus, a Toast music video and plenty of goings-on

Write Lion
Get your poetry fix right here, right now

Music Reviews
Spoiler alert. We listened to loads of Notts music to give you a heads up

Nom nom, slurp slurp, belch belch, belly-pat belly-pat, trump

The End
With Art Hole, LeftLion Abroad, Notts Trumps and Rocky Horrorscopes

alt text

William Booth. Illustration: Alex Verity

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