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LeftLion Magazine #84

1 November 16

With Overheard in Notts, Rattle, Festival of Literature, Crosa Rosa, Nottingham Comedy Festival, and NG:She on domestic violence and abuse in Nottingham... 

Street Tales
With Ad Sectioned, Overheard in Notts and What Notts

LeftEyeOn: Nottingham in Photos
The camera never lies, but it does take lovely pics of the city

In Focus: Crosa Rosa
The psychedelic trio show us  their minds through pictures.

Beat Happening
Two girls. Two drum kits. Not a blue movie in sight. That’s Rattle

Jokes On Them
The Nottingham Comedy Festival has come back around. And it ain’t half funneh. We've got interviews from comedians Simon Caine and Chris Betts, plus a day out in Nottingham with Josh Howie.

Home Truths
Talking domestic violence and abuse with the women behind NG:She

Rectify of the Tiger
The holistic community therapy institute that won’t break the bank – Tiger Boe

Back on Your Feet
Adam Pownall overcame Guillain-Barré Syndrome and wrote a play about it

Doing the Write Thing
Wendy Jones and Virtual Writer-in-Residence, Omar Hazek, talk the Festival of Literature

The Rumble
A granny-racing extract from Sam Maxfield’s latest book The Last Resort

Art Works
With Dani Leber’s detailed illustrations and Laura Mathews’ turqouise flying horse

Remember remember, there’s loads of awesome events cracking off in November. Plus, there's news from Mimm X Studio LBW and Nottingham Community and Volunteer Service as well as words from punk promoters Both Eyes Open

Write Lion
Book reviews from the most esteemed literary minds in the city. And Katie Half-Price

Music Reviews
Tell your neighbours to shurrup, and blast the volume. These ones are bangers

With all the delectable goods of Crocus Cafe, Curious Townhouse and Fox Cafe
End Page
With Rocky Horrorscopes, Art Hole, Notts Trumps, Strellyation, and LeftLion Abroad

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