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LeftLion Magazine #88

1 April 17 words: LeftLion

Featuring Anne Holloway, Scorzayzee, Nottingham Poetry Festival, Redsmith Distillery and Nottingham coffee experts; 200°, Blend and Wired...

Street Tales
With Overheard in Notts, Advertising Sectioned, The Thompson Brothers, and What Notts

LeftEyeOn: Nottingham in Photos
The toggers of Nottingham have been spring-ing into action

In Focus: Anne Holloway
The poet swaps her pen for the camera, ahead of the Nottingham Poetry Festival

You Know The Scorz
The King of Rap has graced us with his words of wisdom once again

Hot Stuff
200° Coffee are boiling the hot brown liquid so well that we simply can’t get enough

The Hosts Who Boast the Most Roasts
A word with the guys behind Sneinton Market’s latest coffee establishment, Blend

Creme of the Crop
All the top dogs and cool cats on the local caffeine scene, plus a few words from Wired Cafe

The Ocularist
Eye spy with my little eye, someone who’s right good at making eyes

Nottingham Poetry Festival
Local legends and national treasures are taking over the city with their words, including Maresa MacKeith and Stephen Thomas

Mine Your Language
Seventh-generation miner David Amos and linguist Natalie Braber talk pit slang

Gin Genie
The bloke behind Redsmith Distillery tells us all about the berries in his brew

Art Works
With Artgoon and Anthony Freeman        

With Nusic Box, Flog It! and Kold Chillin' Promoter Focus

Music Reviews
The latests hits to hit Hoodtown’s airwaves

With Delilah, Totally Tapped and U Canteen

End Page
With Rocky Horrorscopes, Art Hole, Notts Trumps, Strellyation, and LeftLion Abroad

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