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TRCH Hairspray

LeftLion Magazine #92

1 August 17 words: LeftLion

Featuring Rampant Ink’s Gray Silva, Mellonie Page, Lucy does burlesque, A Fortunate Man, former White Dwarf editor Mark Latham, Wild Boar Books, Nottingham Street Food Club and the Lincolnshire Poacher's Dutch twin...

Street Tales
With What Notts, Overheard in Notts, Ad Sectioned and The Thompsons Brothers.

In Focus: Mellonie Page
The singer-songwriter has got a new single out, and has answered our questions in photos.

Ink? Well...
Some of you lot haven’t half got some crackin’ tats. Some more literally than others.

A Tattoo Artist in Notts
A word with Rampant Ink’s Gray Silva about life in the tattoo studio.

Lucy Does… Burlesque
Kicking off a brand new feature that sees our Lucy do weird stuff for your entertainment.

Operating Theatre
A word with the creative pair behind the brand new production of A Fortunate Man.

On The Mark
Ex-White Dwarf editor and author, Mark Latham, on the Sherlock-Dracula hybrid he’s created. 

Snout Out
We wrestled the beasts behind Wild Boar Books out of the pig pen for a quick natter.

Ay Up Dutch
Everyone’s favourite boozer, The Lincolnshire Poacher, has an unlikely pairing in Dam.

Food For Thought
Mimm’s Nathaniel Wilson brings Hockley to Vicceh Centre with Nottingham Street Food Club.

With The Rescue Rooms Beer Festival, Pieminister, and the best wine you can buy in Notts.

See The Lit
The fruits of an ongoing critical-creative writing workshop dahn Broadway: Re:Vision...

Art Works
With Sophie Johnson-Hill, Sarah Yates, Shane Buckingham and Tim Mayfield.

Music Reviews
Top tunes to tease your tabs today and tomorrow, with LL Stereo, too.

Bloody Head
This punk band must have a bleddy fire rocket up their backside, they move that fast.

Kemet FM
A word with The Breakfast Show host, Jackie P, about diversity in the broadcasting industry.

Events Listings
With Nusic Box, The Southwell Music Festival vibes, and all the events you could want for.

End Page
With Rocky Horrorscopes, Art Hole, Notts Trumps, Strellyation, and LeftLion Abroad.

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