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Waterfront Festival

LeftLion Magazine #93

1 September 17 words: LeftLion

With Tumble Audio, A History of Nottingham Hip Hop, Tekonta Secta, Oscar & Rosie's, Sara Pascoe, and The Boy with the Perpetual Nervousness...

Street Tales
Plus Ad Sectioned, What Notts, Overheard in Notts and The Thompson Brothers.

The camera never lies. And your lot’s are telling us Notts is a crackin’ place to be.

In Focus: Sci-Tronic
The underground psytrance-tune specialists answer our questions in photographic form.

Everyday I’m Hustlin’
The inimitable Hockley Hustle is back with a bang, and Young Hustlers makes its debut.

Oli, Oli, Oli
A word with Tumble Audio king pin, Oli Gibbons, about his musical powerhouse.

Can You Dig It?
A brief look at Hoodtown’s hip hop history, spanning everything from b-boy to graffiti.


Nottingham Castle’s Solo Exhibition Prize winner, Arianne Churchman, has been horsing around.

Holme is Where The Art is
Notts gal, Kelly Ann Holmes, on turning old cola cans into glorious works of art.

Art Works
With Chrissy Curtin and Tracey Meek.

Tek Time
A quick word and some sick snaps from the free party masters, Tekonta Secta.

Music Reviews
The full lowdown on the latest musical releases from our fair city, with LL Stereo too.

Lesson Plan
Gareth Morgan has been awarded the Nottingham Roosevelt Scholarship, and is doing bits to get kids reading.

Gospel Truth
Graham Caveney on his latest book, The Boy with the Perpetual Nervousness: A Memoir of an Adolescence.

Book Reviews
A rundown of the lit picks that’ll have you turning pages this autumn.

Talk Bloody Murder
A word with Emma and Lucy, the local teachers with their own murderously funny podcast.

Pizza Mind
Oscar & Rosie’s has moved to our old offices, so we asked owner Olly Hunter about the craic.

Dough Be Good
Get yourself skilled in the art of scran-making with the best in the business.

We Gorrit Back
That building what used to be Jongleurs has been made into a meat-lovin’, table-dancin’ paradise: Mojo.

Play for Laughs
Comedian, Sara Pascoe, on her adaption of Pride and Prejudice and why vegan jokes aren’t funny.

Pick of the Month
Diaries out, kids. There is much to be getting on with over the next thotty days.

Events Listings
With Nusic Box, and a photography competition in aid of Emmanuel House.

End Page
With Rocky Horrorscopes, Art Hole, Notts Trumps, Strellyation, and LeftLion Abroad.

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