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The Comedy of Errors

LeftLion Magazine #100

1 April 18 words: LeftLion

With Dave "Fish Man" Bartram, Vicky McClure, Joe Dempsie, Jake Bugg, Paris Lees, Sleaford Mods, VVV, ReggaeNotts, Sam "Blues Man" Lindo, George Akins, Dilk, Henry Normal and more...

What Notts
With a special Ayup Duck, Overheard in the Office and The Thompson Brothers

The Best of LeftEyeOn
A look back at some of our all-time favourite photos from your lot, to LeftLion

A Canadian in New Basford Returns
He might live in Manc, but the ever-cynical Rob Cutforth’s still gorra lorra love for Notts

After They Left The Lion...
Some right talent has passed through these pages, but what’s everyone up to now?

Digital Footprint
Back in the dizzay, our website – and the LeftLion forum – was bob on mate

All We Want is a Good Time...
We don’t half love a party. And we’ve been known to throw a fair few of ‘em in this city

Alright, Cockle?
Dave Bartram is nowt short of a legend. We had a pint with the last Fish Man standing

A Mogs’ Game
The baddest saxophonist in the ends, Mogs Morgan is fond of Xylophone Man’s old spot

Word on the Street
A natter with the bloke behind ReggaeNotts, bringing the party to Nottingham’s pavements

True Blues
The real OG, Sam “Blues Man” Lindo, has been soundtracking our city streets for yonks

Triple Threat
Juga-Naut, Cappo and Vandal Savage have joined forces to tear up the global hip hop scene

Covers Poster
Pull out our centre piece and treat yer eyes to every single LeftLion cover that ever was

A La Mods
The Sleaford Mods are one of Nottingham’s finest exports, so we grabbed ‘em to reminisce

By George
DHP head honcho, George Akins, on Beat The Streets and Rescue Rooms’ fifteenth birthday     

A Bugg’s Life
Our Jake Bugg’s been having a whale of a time since we first interviewed him back in 2012

Wolfgang Culture
Artist and bee-whisperer, Wolfgang Buttress is more than just a pretty face

Full Phat Dilk
We had a word with our Dilk about all things Montana Shop, in their tenth year of sprayin’

That’s Normal
He’s a poet and don’t we know it. Henry Normal looks back on growing up in his Nottingham

Paris, Paris
Hucknall-born lass Paris Lees graced the pages of Vogue in January. Now it’s our turn

Queen Vicky
BAFTA Award-winning actress, Vicky McClure, on why Nottingham has her heart

Joe Dempsie has been battling for the Iron Throne, but spared some time for a catch-up

Pick of the Month
Eight cracking events to sink your teeth into, including the Nottingham Poetry Festival

With shouts to NottsMan, a special offering from Annie’s Burger Shack and Nusic Box

End Page
Featuring Art Hole, Notts Trumps, LeftLion Abroad, and the last ever Rocky Horrorscopes

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