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The Comedy of Errors

LeftLion Magazine #104

1 August 18

With Protest Culture in Notts, Nottingham Women's Centre, A Hacker in Notts, Support for Survivors, Weavers Wine Merchants, Nottingham's Most Notorious Criminals, How to Do Death, Nottingham's Jazz Scene and more...

Ayup Duck
The latest Nottingham news, plus Blather, Overheard in Notts and City Stylin’

Photos captured by your snap-happy lot from this scorcher of a month

Snap Notts
Some pictures and a poem that sum up the dutty charm of Forest Fields

A Hacker in Notts
Anonymous talks fraud, the online drug community, and pissing off the Government

Nottingham’s Most Notorious Criminals
We’ve had some proper baddies roam these streets over the years. Here are their stories

How to do Death
A look at the Notts folk using their creativity to open up conversations about grief

Helen’s High Waters
Nottingham Women’s Centre are pulling out all the stops to protect our local ladies

Survivor Tactics
Support for Survivors are kickin’ balls and empowering victims of childhood abuse

Displaced/Replaced Poster
Our cover artist seems to ‘ave had some technical trouble with this month’s poster

War Paints Pictures
A Derby Road barber spent two years photographing the bleak truths of war in Kurdistan, plus Under Cover Artist

Protest of Time
Take a march through history with the city’s placard-wavers of days gone by

Drag Through The Mud
We sat down with the queens of Nottingham’s alternative pride scene, DirtyFilthySexy

Music Reviews
All the latest tunes to add a right spring to our step in this glorious month of August

Get Down to Brass
How the jazz vibes of New Orleans have infiltrated our city, according to scene insiders

Magic Weavers
The old-school wine merchants have been winning awards and delving into gin distilling

Flavours of the Week
A heads-up on the best tipples to try during Nottingham Cocktail Week this September

Stuff to Do
The events you’d be crackers to miss, plus The Dengest Catto and Most Boofin’ Doggo Award Winners

More Stuff to Do
Plus our Screen Editor’s film column, and boozy Shakespeareans Much Ado About Theatre

The Goose is Loose
He ain’t taking no prisoners this month, and has even made the local headlines

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