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The Comedy of Errors

LeftLion Magazine #103

1 July 18

With Splendour Festival, The Lion Hunt, Nottingham's Dengest Catto and Most Boofin' Doggo Awards, Dogs in Shops, Black Writers Network, JemVenturez, Nottingham Voice Collective and more...  

Ayup Duck
The latest Nottingham news, plus Blather, Overheard in Notts and City Woofin'

Snap Notts: Attenborough Nature Reserve
Get all nature and chill while reading these poems and gazin' at these pics 

A Bartender in Notts
A look into how a bartender keeps his cool while dealin' with you rowdy lot 

Celebrate ten years of Splendour festival with a throwback to some of the best bits 

Heavy Rotation
Funny YouTuber and all-round good guy JemVenturez is cycling to a street near you

The Lion Hunt
Crack out yer compass and get stuck into our first ever treasure hunt. Yar-har! 

Who Let The Dogs In? 
Who, who, who, who? Meet the doggos that might as well run these Notts shops

Nottingham's Dengest Catto and Most Boofin' Doggo Awards
Find out who's in line to nab the crown, and probably eat the bogger too

Nicholas Wright Poster
Our cover artist has sorted us out with a wicked poster. Stick it on yer wall

Art Works
Featuring Nicholas Wright, Nicola Halford, and Alex MacNaughton's pet portraits 

Eat My Wave
Simpsonwave is the audio-visual phenomenon of a meme, straight out of Notts

Music Reviews

Clean out yer tabs and crank up the volume for these beltin’ tunes

Straight Talk
Creative octopus Ioney Smallhorne talks poetry and the When We Speak anthology

Book Reviews

We’ve finally dusted off our shelves and sifted through Nottingham’s newest pages

Sort out that rumblin’ tum of yours and find out where to get some proper scran

Stuff to Do

Our pick of the best events that you need to get dahn tahn for this month

More Stuff to Do
Plus our Screen Editor’s take on women in film, and how you can support them

The Goose is Loose

Bleedin’ heck, that goose has gone again. Where has he got to this time?

We have a favour to ask…

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