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LeftLion Magazine #101

1 May 18 words: LeftLion

With the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, A Community Gardener in Notts, Bramley Apple Tree Fanclub, Stonebridge City Lambs, Nancy Campbell, Troy Jenkinson, Sara Poyzer, Non-Vegan Vegan Eateries and more...

Snap Notts: Alfreton Road
It's poems and photos galore as we kick off our local exploration series 

Ayup Duck
With news from the beak, plus Blather, Overheard in Notts and City Stylin'

Lucy Does Stonebridge City Farm
Our kid got down to feed the animals and start beef with the 'osses

A Community Gardener in Notts
An AMC Gardens resident talks aubergines and royal sausage fingers

How Do You Like Them Apples?
Did you know the grandfather Bramley apple tree lives in Southwell?

Notts: Sustainable
We're dead green around here, and we've found the boggers to prove it

Snail Trailblazer
Troy Jenkinson wrote a children's book about same-sex parenting, with snails

Sarah Cunningham Poster
Like our cover? Clock another dose from the local donnette, mid-mag style

Bard on the Barge
Nancy Campbell is the UK Laureate who's mad for our waterways

Concrete Jungle
The Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust get wordy with the youthdem

Life on Alfreton Road
More Radford-based antics as we look at the humans behind the shopfronts

Home to Mamma
Local lass Sara Poyzer has been smashing it in London's West End

Music Reviews
Clap a load of these aural goods if you know what's good for yer drumpieces

The Vegan Option
You'd be surprised at the plant-based options available at these Notts eateries

With edibles from Poppy and Pint, Bunk, BunMii, plus Tommy K on the Side

Stuff to Do
All the most poppin' events to get whacked into yer calendars this May

What's On
More excellent Nottingham-based goings-on to keep you entertained this month

The Goose is Loose 
We've got just one question to ask your lot: Where the bob has the goose gone?

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