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LeftLion Magazine #105

1 September 18 words: LeftLion

The Nottingham Skateboarding Special, featuring Skate Nottingham, Non-Stop Sports, Forty Two, The Female Revolutions, A History of Nottingham Skate Spots, and loads more...

Ayup Duck
The latest news from our foul-mouthed waterfowl, plus Blather, City Stylin', The Thompson Brothers, and Overheard in Notts

Snap Notts
We’ve been down Snenno Market taking snaps and writing poetry for you lot

A Skateboard Instructor in Notts
Take a glimpse into what life’s like for someone who teaches kids to glide proper

Radical Movement
Skate Nottingham’s Chris Lawton explains why skateboarding deserves some cred

Female Revolutions
The city’s gyaldem prove they can skate and that they won’t take no mans’ bob

Scene Not Herd
How Non-Stop and Forty Two have acted as hubs for the local people on wheels

Clearing the Gap
Age ain’t nowt but a number, and the Nottingham boggers on deck explain why

Get Your Bearings
A history of Notts skate spots, past and present, as told by this issue’s Guest Editor

Art Works: Skateboarder Special
Featuring Georgia Fry, Charlie Delaney, Richard Chung, and Vic Camilleri

Lording it up in Beijing
Our Editor-in-Chief took our Lord of Milan film to China and wrote some words about it

Feeling Croquet
Mallet-wielding Omied Hallam don’t mess about when it comes to tactical ball-play

Guardian Angel
Do or Die Poets and Speech Therapy donny Miggy Angel says London is burning

Musical Youth
Kids band Johnny and the Raindrops celebrate ten years of little-fish antics

1st Blood Fire
Pete Chilvers is the man behind the hip hop, and he’s back with a new album

Music Reviews
We clock The Haunted Guy, Sven Gunderssen, Hollywood and Vandal Savage

We munched out at Sushimania, Dolcino and Mowgli. Here are the tales to be told

Trash Talk
Trailer Park Boys give us some unwise words ahead of their appearance in Notts

Stuff To Do
Some of the best events happening in the city over the month of September

The Goose is Loose
Sojo Animation takes our comic collab off the rails in the most delightful way

We have a favour to ask…

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