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Art Works: Lucy Jane Illustration

28 January 16 words: Art Works

Local artist Lucy Jane lets us in on her illustration techniques and tells us a little bit about a specific piece of hers, Being Yourself, Is Better

Being Yourself, Is Better

My boyfriend, who is a photographer, took the photo that I’ve based this illustrative painting on. I used a range of materials that I feel most comfortable with, including acetate, emulsion paint, paint markers, glitter glue, rubber stamps and glitter paper.

The inspiration behind it stems from my love for anime, which I can shamefully spend hours watching. However, a lot of that time is spent considering how the animation was created, and the time and effort that was put into it. I also love grunge fashion and photography, so I consider Being Yourself, Is Better as an amalgamation of the two.

alt text

I often create illustrations using different mediums; I originally created this in watercolour, then edited it in Photoshop, and then recreated it on acetate. Another favourite piece of mine that I created using Photoshop is Water Nymph, which is on display in Nottingham Doughnut Company on Long Row by Market Square.

I'm currently studying illustration at Lincoln University, and come back to Nottingham regularly. I fit my personal projects around my course – but because of what I study, I’m quite fortunate in that usually what I’m working on is part of my course.

A key inspiration for me is packaging, which is a surprise to most. I find it fascinating how marketing is used through images to send a message – I used it as the focus for my final piece for my foundation course. I particularly like packaging from Oriental food markets and fashion illustrations.

I’ve worked hard to develop my own signature style, and I’d like to get to the point where someone looks at my work and instantly recognises it as mine. I’d love to create a mural somewhere, the challenge of creating a large piece that a lot of people would pass would certainly put the pressure on; but I think it’d be worth it.

If you are interested in Lucy Jane’s artwork or would like to collaborate, check out her work or drop her a line.

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