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Nottingham Bike Works' New Raleigh Community Workshop in Photos

27 January 16 words: Bridie Squires

If you need to get your bike fixed up, fear not. The chaps over at Nottingham Bike Works have opened up a new space for you learn how to mend your pedals

Nottingham Bike Works have opened up a brand spanking new Raleigh Community Workshop in a Victorian mill on Ayr Street to support the city’s cyclists on their pedalling endeavours.

With a massive focus on recycling bikes, sharing skills and creating a community, the not-for-profit Nottingham Bike Works aim to create a supportive and inclusive environment for people to get stuck in to creative projects… and stop people chucking stuff away that could easily be used again.

With places like this on the map, we’ll hopefully be seeing more bikes on the road, and more people who’re able to fix their own bikes through attending workshops and maintenance sessions. So get down to the community space, or keep an eye out for one of the many Dr Bike session around the city, for an ultimate cycling situation. Power to the pedals.

Nottingham Bike Works new Raleigh Community Workshop was opened on Friday 22 January

Nottingham Bike Works website

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