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Graffiti Vigilante Takes on Anti-Begging Campaign

31 March 16 words: Questionmarc

A Nottingham graffiti artist known only as 'Questionmarc' has returned after six years to take on Nottingham City Council's recent anti-begging campaign

Today LeftLion received an email and a set of photos from graffiti vigilante Questionmarc. The artist, whose identity remains unknown, has surfaced in the city for the first time since 2009 to take on the recent anti-begging advertising campaign launched by Nottingham City Council.

In an email to LeftLion, which contained the photos above, Questionmarc said: "Earlier in the week I gave Nottingham City Council a helping hand with their recent smear campaign to vilify society’s most vulnerable. They didn’t really need my help because they were already doing a sterling job without me. However, we all need to come together during these dark and troubled times."
"All jokes aside, I’m hoping this artistic expression, built upon the Council’s ill-conceived advertising mishap, will steer the local and national conversation back to the important underlying issue:  homelessness itself (without prejudice)."

Nottingham charity Framework released a statement around the time the poster campaign started which said:

"In Nottingham we know that most people who beg are not sleeping rough, but this doesn't mean they don't need or deserve help. They absolutely do. Framework, like other housing charities across the country, knows from experience that these problems are best remedied by professional support services – not by the giving of money with no knowledge as to how it will be spent.

"If people do wish to give money to help homeless and vulnerable people, we would advise them to support a registered charity with the knowledge and experience needed to bring about lasting change.”

Questionmarc interview from 2009
Questionmarc blog

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