Nottingham 2023 European Capital of Culture Bid Launch at Sneinton Market in Photos

16 August 17 words: Emily Thursfield
photos: Natalie Owen

Ayup Notts, it’s possible that we’re about to become the next tourist hotspot for all them tourists looking to get a little more creativity in their lives. Nottingham’s Cultural Strategy Partnership (CSP) announced its bid to become a European Capital of Culture 2023… in a giant light-up inflatable structure – otherwise known as a luminarium – no less...

Hoodtown will battle Belfast, Dundee, Leeds and Milton Keynes for the honour of EU Capital of Culture, which is awarded to two European cities each year. The chosen city will share the status with one from Hungary for 2023.  

We all know how much we love our innovation here, but this campaign will call for people all over Nottingham to come together and act as “cultural lions” in order to win the status. If this bid is successful, it’s possible our city will see an economic boost of hundreds of millions of pounds. Oo-err.

While the campaign is being spearheaded by the CSP, they’re working in conjunction with Nottingham City Council, Nottingham Trent University, The University of Nottingham and Marketing NG. And, to show us all that they were dead serious about this bid, they put on a stunning event to tell us all about it. After being wined and dined with coffee and croissants, a load of Notts heads involved in the creative sector gathered in an inflatable luminarium to hear the announcement.

A luminarium, if yer didn’t already know, is a big bouncy-castle looking structure created by internationally renowned, local artists Architects of Air. It’s full of tunnels to wander around in, squishy floors and pretty patterns that are lit up by the light from outside. A fitting venue for an event designed to show off how creative our Notts folk can be. Well played, you guys.

There were speeches, a reading from a Young Creative Award winner Rebecca Constable, and musical performances, all showcasing the kind of talent we have here. Nottingham is full to the brim of ambitious, young creatives and the diversity of the city is something that was massively championed throughout the morning.

One aim of the campaign is implementing a “cultural change” programme that will transform the lives of Nottinghamians and those in the Midlands by harnessing the power of creativity and encouraging innovation to attract investment and to create new international networks.

It’s because of all this that the campaign’s committee thinks we can win this thing, and we happen to agree.

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