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Snap Notts: Church Rock Cemetery

10 February 19 words: Cleo Asabre-Holt
photos: Fabrice Gagos

The latest Snap Notts sees our poet and photographer pairing create work at Church Rock Cemetery on Mansfield Road...

We talk about the serenity of cemeteries,
crooked headstones lean higgledy-piggledy
on a hilltop along Mansfield Road, lull
about the afterlife:
our descent into Earth
if burial is what we decide.

Sunbeam light streams, hitting headstones
licked by lichen-muted green.
Algae creeps…
stretches frayed stalk-like fingers over graves;
sweeping stone protectively.
We note: life still thrives here
above bones and worms and loss.

Our walking boots sink into soft moss
as we stroll through the serenity of the cemetery,
its crooked headstones, higgledy-piggledy
on a hilltop over Mansfield Road.
If burial is what we decide
our concerns about the afterlife,
descent into Earth, are lulled a little

dulled down a little
by the life that’s thriving here:
ivy, cherry blossom, a ladybird snug
in a graffiti-smudged lady statue’s lughole,
all above bones and souls and loss.
And on a headstone,
boldly engraved,
we spot the epitaph


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