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Nottingham Castle

Snap Notts: The City Ground

9 May 19 words: Daron Carey
photos: Nigel King

The latest Snap Notts sees our poet and photographer pairing take inspiration from the City Ground on a match day...

With a heart full of hope, a grandfather smiles

To the glory of when Robbo twisted and turned

Jinking to weave intricate lace before launching a cross

As true as a spoke, for the million pound man

To bury the ball, to lift the European Cup

That set a city alight

Now four decades passed and stories still shared

To lads who became dads who carry their own shoulder high

Saturday rituals of pints, pies and programmes

Friendships forged on terraces

Have echoed down the years

Of when Forest blazed a trail

From Liverpool to Athens to Zurich and Cologne

Before Malmo in Munich to claim the cup as their own

It’s Captains who lift cups

But it’s the fans who fill the stands, week after week

Who inspire the players

To graft and dig deep

To battle and beguile and never give up

From every corner of this outlaw shire

And many pay homage from further still

Husbands, wives, fathers, daughters and sons

Beside a family of four generations

Strides belief as broad as a barrel chest

A unity of smiles as bright as the stars above their crest

Every match day they come

In cars and buses, trams and trains

Walking roads that ripple with anticipation

Streaming through streets bound for glory

Tributaries to a red river that flows by the Trent

Making a pilgrimage of thousands to a sacred City Ground

This great history isn’t over

These faces tell the stories of when Forest ruled the land

And like the tree we’ll grow and we’ll soar

This ground where we gather, forever our heartland.

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