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Green Light in the City

Project Urban Notts #1

9 November 03 words: Joe Ryder
Joe Ryder brings the first in a series of Notts graffiti and urban photography to be featured on LeftLion

Welcome to the first of our graffiti and urban photography specials, Joe Ryder has amassed a shockingly large collection of images from in and around Hood Town, we'll be running through a selection of them over the coming months.


Alot of Cans (Alleyway), the sheer amount of spray cans and paint tins suggests that this is one of the most heavily hit places in Notts.


Chops & Taj, yet another stunning piece from Notts boys. 'Chops' & 'Taj'.


Deam, Death Metal , This is a popular spot out of nosey peoples way, but it's still visible enough for those who admire this urban art form. Impressive work (Click for larger image).


'Deamster' Dregs - Shake It, Live It (The Zone) Lower Parliament Street, Notts Centre (now no more). The site has been built on recently and no longer exists, all that stands there now is yet more poncy over priced Apartments.


Enks, Form  A ridiculously cheeky throw up from 'Form' and 'Enks' How they got up there will always be a mystery!


Hefs, Dilk, Mobs, Deams (Gedling Youth Club 2003), graffiti veteran 'Dilk' joins forces with some of Nottingham's tidiest writers. To bring u this massive (legal) Masterpiece!


Kane, Time, Alert - Oldskool Piece, old skool writers collaborate to bring the fresh crisp lettering to the streets. (click image for larger version)


Seak 0ne, Alert , Whether you know a little or a lot about graf, you've got to of seen At least 1 of "Seak's" paintings before. Seak one (german writer) has a crazy abstract futurist style of painting. Hell it works for me! Not to mention the pure wildstyle that's Alert's speciality.


Son (Bane), A bright burner to liven up a playing field.

That's just a teaser of what to expect from the next article in the series on If you want to see more or give us feedback on your opinions whatever they might be use the form on this page (above right).

Words and Photos: Joe Ryder

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