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The Manchurian Candidate

4 December 04 words: Josie Opal
The amazing transformation in Washington's character, Ben Marco, yet again confirms the extent of his acting abilities

The Manchurian Candidate

The Jonathan Demme remake of the 1962 classic the Manchurian Candidate is scarily realistic. Having not seen the original myself I cannot actually compare in terms of story and delivery, but this film is very good... at the beginning.

It starts off by seeing the great Denzel Washington as a stud like young captain in the Gulf War where his team is ambushed. Then we see him years later and watch him turn into a neurotic and hobo looking old man insisting that the army messed with his mind, he is so convinced he even bites a lump out of a fellow brainwashee's shoulder to prove they have been chipped.

This amazing transformation in Washington's character, Ben Marco, yet again confirms the talent of Washington's acting abilities. However, Meryl Streep just reminded me of Sharon Osbourne, not that that's a bad thing but it was kind of distracting.

All the hype of this film made me wary of it, and am afraid to say that it was a bit of a disappointment. The technology and the majority of the film showing how Marco develops his theories to prove his worst nightmares was fascinating, however the last 15 minutes or so completely let the whole film down.

Washington and Schreiber who acted together in the Hurricane also, worked well together on screen to make it a believable relationship. Schreiber plays the sleeper agent Raymond Shaw, whose mother, Meryl Streep, totally controls him. Marco has to convince Shaw about what happened to them in the war before he is used.

However, the film seemed really rushed, the passing of time was not portrayed very well which made it a bit confusing, the flashbacks on occasion were random and repetitive, combine this with the disappointing ending and it makes for a bit of let down. Worth watching, but not as great as it could have been.



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