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New York Gallery

27 July 04 words: Ed Walsh
Photos taken by a Nottingham photographer in the Big Apple, just weeks before the Twin Towers fell...
New York View

I had arrived in New York and took these shots about a Month before the
attacks on the world trade Center, Its the little things that are very
powerful and that I remember most, like buying a coffee and chatting to a
waitress at the top of the twin towers. When I look at these images I think
of her and all the other people who were there on that fateful day.

New York view from Empire State Building
It always amazes me how it is possible to fit so much on such a small island.
Fifth Avenue, New York
A shot taken from the World Trade Center of 5th Avenue.

New York Cops
New York Cops.

New York view from Twin Towers
View looking Down from the top floor of the World Trade Center.

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