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Green Light in the City

When Adults Go Bad...

18 May 04 words: Jared Wilson
Middle-class couple get Anti-social behaviour disorders for playing Eminem very loudly to the kids in the nursery next door...

The Daily Mail coverage of the story

We don't really cover 'hard news' here at LeftLion, but this was one story we thought we couldn't let get away without mentioning! The best news story of the month, and possibly the funniest thing we've read in the last few years, was the story of Middle class couple Alan and Linda Fisher getting ASBO's for their `gangsta rap' war with a local nursery.

The Daily Mail broke the story with: "Alan Fisher and his wife Linda were seen as an ordinary suburban couple - until a children's nursery opened next door. Then the middle-aged parents took to playing CD's by foul-mouthed rapper Eminem so loudly that children could hear the expletives in the early years playground."

Eminem was unavailable for comment...Mr Fisher, a Joinery firm manager and his wife were insistent on their right to play their music, despite the pleas of the nursery next door. After months of arguing between the couple and the nursery staff, both parties ended up in court. As a result, Mr and Mrs Fisher were both issued with Anti-Social Behaviour Order's (ASBOs) by Magistrates in Worksop, Nottinghamshire.

There was said to be an 'uneasy calm' as Mrs Fisher, who as a result was suspended from her community care job with the local council, said she would appeal against the order and spoke of her love for rap music to a Daily Mail reporter:

"I really love Eminem. I love the lyrics, I don't think there's anything wrong with it at all. I play his music all the time, but I don't play it loud. My two sons are DJ's and I often go clubbing. I love rap and gangsta music."

The ASBO's mean that the couple have been banned from playing loud music at all when the nursery is open. They face five years imprisonment if they break this order. As a result they have perhaps wisely moved to a house with no educational establishment residing next door.

The Daily Mail, however, stayed true to form despite their obvious confusion at this act of outrageous disobedience among their own flock. Throughout the article they referred to 'Fifty Cents' (sic). Fiddy has took people down for less...

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