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TRCH Classic Thriller Season

You Are Here 2004 Review

17 October 04 words: Tom
A photo review of the recent Nottingham Arts Festival

Crowds gather for the You Are Here Festival launch party

Anti-Cool performing 'Vicious Circle Exercise' in main venue window

A volunteer conducts Joseph Kelly's 'White Goods Quartet'.

Two of the musicians.

A man contemplating '7 Basic Methods to Commit Suicide' by Jenny Lu.

Helen de Main's 'The Thing Between Us'

"Hi can i help you?". Anti-Cool begins her 'Role Model For a Store Clerk'

 'Breath' present 'Basically Home'; blackcurrent, cigars and a pigs heart.

David Brinkworth brings 'The Gallery Cleaning Service' to the Castle Museum.

 Dai Roberts at the Bridlesmith Gallery.

Paul Matosic at St Marys Church

'The Reactor Red Rooms Razzamatazz'.
Dr Gunter Haos re-attaches his testis.

'Enjoy the Ride' at the Malt Cross.

Photos by Tom Godfrey with contributions from Marianne Scahill and Ange Taggart

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