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21 July 05 words: Josh Shinner
"Playing at the Social is going to be awesome! We played club NME at Stealth on our last tour and this is going to be a real homecoming!"
The EditorsThe Editors are definitely one of the bands to look out for this summer. They've already made an appearance at Glastonbury and promise much more to come.
Josh Shinner chatted with guitarist Chris Urbanowicz, who hails from Nottingham, about the summers festivals and why Forest are doing so badly.

You played Glastonbury this year; can you sum up the experience?
So Wet! Incredible amount of fun; really cool and very exciting. All our time was spent charging around the site because there’s always something to do. Euphoric would be a good description. Oh and the gig was pretty good too, forgot about that!

If you were camping, and your tent had been flooded, what three things would you go back for?
Shoes, car keys and sleeping bag I think.

Which other bands did you enjoy watching?
Tom Vek was incredible, we were actually playing on the same day and were a bit worried about whether our shows were going to go ahead or not because of the rain and the first two bands had been cancelled, fortunately we played but he was just awesome on a big stage. Also Kasabian absolutely blew me away, I wasn’t really a fan until I saw them, and I just thought they were amazing, band of the weekend for me without a doubt.

What was the music scene like in Nottingham when you were growing up?
Well when I was thirteen or so it was kind of the Britpop era with lots of Blur and Oasis things going on. Everyone at my school was really into the Stone Roses as well.

Which were the venues that you used to go to?
I used to practically live in The Social and had quite a few experiences in there!

How much are you looking forward to playing there in front of a home crowd?
Yeah it’s going to be awesome, we actually played the club NME night in Stealth on our last tour, and this is going to be a real homecoming!

You saw The Killers in the Rescue Rooms, how were they in such an intimate venue?
Well we were actually going to sign to their label that they were on at the time, Lizard King, so we got quite pally with them. We played with them in Warwick and they invited us up to the gig and we watched it from the balcony which was awesome. They were a really exciting band at the time and you could just tell that they were going to be very, very big.

Is there any advice you’d give to the bands from Nottingham that are trying to make it at the moment?
A lot of cities are held back from a lack of good management, so just try and find some decent management and get some good advice. To be honest it doesn’t really matter where you are, you can’t really use location as an excuse for not doing well. Birmingham is certainly not the trendiest of cities for bands, even looking at Franz Ferdinand, people flew all the way up to Glasgow to see them. But most importantly take your time, write some good songs, create your own identity and be patient.

How does it feel to be raved about by Zane Lowe and him making ‘Blood’ single of the week?
Pretty good! We all really like him cos he’s just got so much passion about what he does, he loves it so much. We’ve just found out he’s made us album of the week as well, so we like him a lot at the moment! (laughs)

What’s the one venue that you dream of selling out?
Shephards Bush Empire would be awesome. It’s an amazing place. I’d also like to sell out the City Ground as well, that’d be cool!

So, you’re a Forest fan as well then?
Yeah, a massive fan.

Any reasons why there’s been such a lack of form recently?
David Platt. That’s all I’m going to say, they were alright before he came along.

How does the songwriting process work in the band? Who comes up with the main bulk of the songs?
Well Tom writes the lyrics and the chords which is the first influence for all of us. Then I’ll come up with a guitar line which will bounce off the vocals, then there’ll be a bass line that comes in. Because we all lived together at the time, the song writing process was really easy as we could just go down into one room together and start jamming. Then Ed, our drummer would pop his head round and have a listen, get a vibe then we’d all just chip in a bit.

Which are your favourite bands at the moment?
I really like The Walkmen, looking forward to their album coming out. There’s a band called We Are Scientists, we like The National as well. Nine Black Alps are cool, they’re album is really good. Arcade Fire is probably our favourite at the moment though.

Your playing around 90 gigs this year, is playing live what you love doing most?
Yeah, think we’ve done about 60 already this year! Its like the grass is greener on the other side kind of thing, once you’ve been on tour for a while you want to get into the studio and be creative, then once you’ve been in the studio for a few weeks you want to get on tour again. I think touring is something I could do for a long time and never get bored of it, maybe tired and a little frustrated but never bored.

How much are you looking forward to playing at Reading?
Yeah loads! We’re looking forward to playing all the festivals after the taster from Glastonbury. We playing loads really: Leeds, Reading, T in the Park, Oxygen then we’re doing some in Europe as well, so its just going to be non-stop festivals until the tour.

I’m going to Reading this year and will undoubtedly make a trip over to the NME stage to see you play, is there anything I can shout in between songs that will make you laugh?
(Laughs) Well according to one of my friends someone shouted out ‘Toot Hill massive’ during our set at Glastonbury, which was the school I used to go to. Very bizarre!

So if I shout something about David Platt…
(Laughs) yeah! Actually, maybe not because it’ll get me angry!

The Editors will be playing The Social on 26 July 2005. Their new album The Back Room is out this month!

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