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Interview: Lost Project

2 September 05 interview: Jesse Keene

"The idea behind Lost Project is that it is a project itself. We‘d known each other a while and we vibe off each other in general."

It’s hard to pigeonhole Lost Project within any particular Hiphop genre. Known for their infectious beats, vocal prowess and extremely ‘live’ performances they are one of Notts rising forces in the ever-growing pool of UK musical talent. Hailing from the Dealmaker stable they have just dropped their debut EP Next Level Concepts which has received acclaim from national radio and music magazines. I caught up with their spitfire MC Killa for a brief chat on what makes the project so personal..

What is the Lost Project story? How did you get together?
The idea behind Lost Project is that it is a project itself. Originally there were just me and Frenic. We‘d known each other a while and we vibe off each other in general.
As time went on we built the crew up and it just picked up pace sort of like a snowball effect.
The process has been roughly a year between each member joining and stems back to about 1999. But the idea has always stayed the same because it is a project that gets bigger every time and the message is to urge people to come together and work as a solid unit.

Next Level Concepts is your first distributed EP but you have an extensive back catalogue. What made it so hard to break through?
We have a huge list of tunes, but the area we were living in at the time didn’t give us the opportunity to push our stuff further. It was hard to find likeminded people that were into the same way of thinking, so when you did find some one who was on the same wavelength you stuck together and pushed your opinions and talent out there. The gigs that we could grab were in the most random of venues, so it was hard at the beginning to make a name for ourselves. This E.P shows the most formed as a collective we have ever been, because now we have a base station for the group and can actually build on that and take it to wherever it leads. I feel we’ve been able to put a lot of energy into the EP and it has made us push harder as musicians and also given us a focus.

What, if anything, would you like the listener to take from Next Level Concepts?
Firstly I would like the listener to realise that this form of expression is something that can be done by anyone. Whatever your thoughts are, if you project them in the right way people will understand what you are putting across and show an interest in what you are trying to achieve. When you listen to our music you will be hearing things that about where we are living and our personal thoughts that we are not afraid to tell people because we are not tied down to any type of image, we just speak our truth.

Tell us about your forthcoming album...
Our album is very instrumental and will reflect where our mind state is as a crew and also as individuals. Frenic is totally dedicated to what he does on the beat side of things and you are going to be hearing a lot of deep baselines. There is a lot of melody involved as well, he has made it so that every tune is different from the last. Though most importantly we want people to enjoy it…

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