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Beeston Camera Club Exhibition

5 April 06 words: Jon Rouston
Jon Rouston visits Beeston Camera Clubs 2006 Annual Exhibition

Have you ever looked at stunning photos in magazines and thought to yourself, 'I wish I could take pictures like that?'. Well the truth is, some people do, and they're (relatively) normal, just like me and you. And until the 1st of April they were exhibiting at beeston library.

On display were 190 photos, including a good selection of portraits, landscape and nature photographs, all extremely well presented for visitors. There was a great selection of black and white and colour images, as well as a lightbox full of great slides.

Highlights include Kevin Jones's excellent black and white picture of 'Callanish Stones', showing a stone circle with a dark, brooding sky which is almost enough to transport you back to pagan times. Also the 'Best Colour Print' picture of Shuttingsloe' by Guy Mansford, a British countryside scene which is awash with colour. But it's not all landscapes, Mike Cowdrey has an excellent portfolio of nature shots (including my personal favourite, 'Echoes of Albion') as well as a great, well executed and good humoured slide titled 'Cover Girl'.

This exhibition had something for everyone, whether you're new to photography, a seasoned pro or just want to look at some nice pictures, you'll be able to find something at Beeston camera club.

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