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The Comedy of Errors

LeftLion New Years Eve Extravaganza

22 December 06 words: Al Needham
Kick 2006 to the kerb and grind against the New Year like the chatty slags you are, at the Orange Tree


Arse to Christmas - New Year's Eve is where it's properly at. But where are you gonna be when you find yourself staring down the barrel of 2007 AD?

a) Stuck at home chasing the last toffee medallion round the Quality Street tin, brooding over being another year closer to your miserable death?

b) Standing round a building site next to the Council House with all the other twats, hoping to get someone up against a lion before she has a piss in the doorway of Debenhams?

c) Luxuriating within the confines of one of the skillest bars in Notts, with four bands, an MC and a DJ, in the company of the only publication that matters in this god-damned vibrant and eclectic retail mecca?

Yep, just like last year, LeftLion is gonna shake that Orange Tree until we get knocked unconscious by tumbling satsumas, and we end up in A&E at the QMC with meatheads who have been fighting with their own reflections in bus shelters. Last year's do was wicked bad fresh, but this year, quite simply, we're gonna party like Margaret Thatcher died. And to help us, we've lined up some of the very best exponents of what The Kids are calling the Trent Tempo...    


Capable of getting the average Indie wuss-boy's pants all of a piss from 100 paces, these are not the kind of ladies of whom you demand to know where your tea is, oh no. Two words; PROPER POONK. Two more words; FOOKIN' SKILL. And a sound; the snap of an index finger against the middle one in a frenzy of unadulterated glee.

The Smears on MySpace

The music press have been getting their knickers in a right twist over this lot, describing them as Indie Art-Core, Post-Rock, Art-Rock, Post-Indie Art-Core, Arty-Posty-Rock-Core, and so on and so forth. We just reckon they're minter than a cocktail of mouthwash with Colgate frosted around the glass. And we think you'll feel the same way too.

Sidearm website


Providing the much-needed cooldown on nights such as this are the wonderful Nuke Fam, purveyors of the kind of esoteric slink that makes you feel like it's a Sunday afternoon in July, as opposed to a pissing-it-down December night. They're on the cusp of their debut release, and we like them. Oh yes. Very much so. 

Nuclear Family on MySpace


The bassy arm of the gargantuan Rock-Tripod that is Majik strikes out on his own for one night only, and has gone on a trolley-dash though the top rank of NottsRock for your delectation and delight. Expect a selection box of tunage far removed from the usual Majik setlist. Don't ask for Jazz Odyssey, though - he'll only tell you to bollocks.
Majik on MySpace






The finest deejay in the Shire - without question - Squigley could nail a decent break off your Nana's collection of Elvis plates, and returns for the second year courtesy of the impervious Ohmygosh collective to apply the trainers to the anus through the medium of non-shit proper Hip-Hop, pressed into vinyl.

Ohmygosh website


The front-gob of the mighty Lost Project steps up for Master of Ceremonies duties, and is guaranteed to spit, or whatever kids on the top deck of buses say these days. Note to Tony Blair and George Bush Jr; he'll probably 'dis' you for being bell-ends, so you might want to hang round the beer garden, where it's quieter.
Lost Project on MySpace

For all this, we're asking no more than £10 in advance and £12 on the door, like the mad bastards we are. This includes a free drink on entry for the early people and a selection of cake and ting. It got rammed out right swift last year, so fannying about is not an option. Don't be that person hanging about outside, getting stared at by screw-faced chat-bags on their way to Jumpin' Jaks. It's not a good look, trust us. 

Tickets are available to buy over the counter from The Orange Tree and Selectadisc, or by doing the PayPal thing:


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