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21 December 06 words: Dom Henry
The underground clubbing institution celebrated its fourth birthday recently with a jam packed night of live bands, beats and DJs

Percussion crow - pic by Al Greer (c)
Percussion crowd - click image for a full gallery

Percussion have a loyal, loyal crowd, attracting all manner of folk ranging from free party dread waving funksters, to indie beatniks, and hardcore clubbers. Why so diverse? well, with a policy of ‘if you can dance to it, we’ll play it’ the resulting mix means there is something to tickle just about everyone’s fancy.

Since it all kicked off in 2002 with the first live drummed DJ set the night has been all over Nottingham including residencies at the likes of the Bomb and Stealth. These days the night resides in the earthy delights of Bluprint, tucked away down Alfreton road, and can be heard on the last Saturday of the month.

Percussion - pic by Dom Henry (c)
Happy bouncy people - click image for a full gallery

The feature behind the nights name is the use of live drummers teamed up with DJs, the assembled hand drummers and bongos pitching their beat alongside the main room music. You might think this a bit odd but with some dextrous skill they seem to match it all up nicely to everything thrown at them, which while I was there ranged from Mylo to mashed up Miles Davis.

One of Percussion’s particular draws is that they put on a selection of quality local bands within a nice club atmosphere. On show when we rolled in were hill-billy-funkmeisters Grain who had packed the blueprint backroom out with an appreciative crowd. What makes this work isn’t just lively tunage from the likes of Grain and Trickster but also the sight of bands sharing the sound waves with a club full of happy folk and the option of shakin’ the ol’ pins to some dance music, rather than the ‘lets all pack in to a gig holding a pint’ deal you usually get at bandy venues.

Grain - pic by Al Greer (c)
Grain in action - click image for a full gallery

As I ambled around the Blueprint DIY style maze their were various other beat based experiences to be had away from the main room and the bands. Downstairs in the ambiently lit back room they were playing classic sexy house tunes to a small gathering of the well dressed, while moving in to the front bar and it was fiersome drum and bass, crikey.

I haven’t been along to a Percussion night since the days of the Bomb and I’m pleased to say its just as good, with Blueprint pretty well packed out with the magic happy people, all shaking it to the pic n mix beats on offer. As for the pic and mix flavour, well it’ll be one of everything please, all your favourites plus a generous dollop of random stuff you don’t get very often. Tasty.

Check out the photo gallery from the night.

Percussion celebrated their fourth birthday on the 25th November 2006.

Photos courtesy Al Greer and Dom Henry (c)

Percussion - myspace

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