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SOLD OUT: Buy A LeftLion World Cup T-Shirt

25 July 06 words: world cup

Want to rep Notts as well as England?

Three lions on your shirt - two lions in our square

So. The World Cup is nearly upon us, and before too long there'll be enough static in town coming off nasty polyester England shirts to electrify Mansfield*. LeftLion say NO, mate! Spurn the sports shops, knock the markets on the head, avoid looking like every other bell-end round the country and celebrate your town with a LeftLion T-shirt.

Like the original, there's three lions on it - but ours are of the Leftular variety, and won't make your armpits funk, like the cheaper rubbish the FA are punting out. 

The price? A mere £15 each plus £3 postage and packaging. And you're advised to order 'em now, because they will sell out like One-O.We'll also be flogging them at all of the LeftLion World Cup events (all England games and the final at the Maze on Mansfield Road), saving you £3 whole pounds in postage!

*Which'll be a first