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Watch The World Cup With LeftLion

17 June 06 words: world cup
England might be absolute WAZZ, but our dos at The Maze certainly aren't. This Sunday, LeftLion and The Smears have it large as you like
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Yes! It's World Cup time again, so what you gonna do? Get wedged into a chatty pub with rat-faced mouth-breathers with their shirts off, bellowing 'No Surrender', chucking their pints up in the air whenever England score and having a right mard-on when we lose?

Bollocks to that, youth!

LeftLion, Nottingham's skillest magazine and website, has got far better things to do with its life than knock about with window-lickers whilst we're watching England storm to ultimate victory/make right arses of themselves (delete as appropriate).

So, we've commandeered one of the city's finest music venues, The Maze, for all our footeh-related dossing. And you - yes,  you are invited.

Here's the deal: every England game at The Maze will see the Lion doing its indomitable thing. We're not just talking about getting a decent view of the telleh - we're having it way before and long after the game with quality ale, proper snap, pub quizzes and a shitload of bands. Most importantly, it'll be full of people just like you and us - intelligent, sexually attractive cosmopolitan types who aren't going to try to hit each other in the face with tables just because England have rolled over against someone decent. Again.

If you're going to have a good swear at a telly because Frank Lampard can't get that banjo anywhere near some bovine ringpiece and England are cack, you might as well do it at The Maze. Why? Because unlike England, we don't wilt after 45 minutes and we don't chuck things about like Wayne Rooney. Last Tuesday's knees-up was even better than the last one, so you really do not want to miss out on Sunday.

In any case, if England do get turned over by Ecuador, come and throw a tantrum in the company of the delightful Smears, cos they're ace. Proper punky chelp will abound in The Maze, whatever the result, and unlike other pubs in town showing the England games, we don't start serving drinks in plastic glasses when England go a goal down - and we'll be showing the other game on that day on our massive high-definition, er, sheet. Here's the line-up so far;

Sunday June 25th - ENGLAND v ECUADOR

15.00 - Pub Quiz
16.00 - England v Ecuador
18.30 - The Smears
20.00 - Foreign Team With The Correct Compliment Of Fit, Mature Strikers v Another Foreign Team Who Don't Cower In Their Own Half Like Bleddy YITNEYS After Scoring In The First Ten Minutes
22.00 - Special Guest TBC 

The Maze, 270 North Sherwood Street, NG1 4EN. Tel: 0115 947 5650

Saturday July 1st - QUARTER-FINAL
Event TBC (4pm kick-off)

Wednesday July 5th - SEMI-FINAL
Event TBC (4pm kick-off)

Sunday July 9th - WORLD CUP FINAL
Price - NOWT

Game - 8pm
Line-up TBC

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