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Interview: The Henry Road

14 May 06 interview: Alex Kocan

"It's got some world music in it as well. If you don't like world music, then you don't like the world"

The Henry Road are one of the most tripped-out psychedelic bands that you’re likely to find playing around Nottingham. The self-confessed creators of a mysterious new musical genre known as Wagon Pop, go by the names of Ben Lord (Drums), Phillip Cog (Keyboards / vocals), Tim Spectwatta (guitar) and Chrisp Selection (bass and guitar). They’re playing LeftLion Presents at the Orange Tree on May 18, so we caught up with them for a chat…

Hey guys! We’ve interviewed you before for LeftLion. What’s new since then?
Phillip: We’ve been busy working away on a sequel to our EP ‘Loggy Logg’, called Loggy Two’.
Ben: It’s being mastered at the moment.
Phillip: We made a snap decision to do a sequel. The first one was done without any planning at all.
Tim: It sounds weird, even for us, so others may find it very odd indeed.

What’s your favourite track from that album?
Phillip: How can I dig it?
Ben: I’d agree with that. We tried to go for another sing along in the style of Massive Navy, off Loggy one.
Phillip: It’s got some world music in it as well. If you don’t like world music, then you don’t like the world.

This is the art issue of LeftLion. What’s the band’s stance on art?
Phillip: Would you like me to draw you something?
Ben: Phil is very good at drawing shapes. Geometry is his style. I can safely say, speaking for the band, that we like art.
Tim: I like half cows. I don’t like unmade beds or tents. Sorry Tracey!
Ben: The thing that really bothers me about Tracey Emin is her mouth.
Chrisp: I don’t have a problem with her. It’s the stuff that comes out of her mind.
Ben: I don’t dig modern art. I’m a painter.
Tim: One form isn’t better than the other. It’s just where my heart lies at the time.

Who are your favorite other Nottingham bands at this moment in time?
Phillip: The Hellset Orchestra have a pretty strong sound.
Chrisp: Grain are good.
Ben: The Nutronstars are great. Their music is fun.

What’s the best recent gig you’ve played?
Phillip: New Years Eve at Junktion 7.
Ben: Mine has to be the navigator night at Junktion 7. There was a guy who turned up looking like Jesus and introduced himself as the navigator between songs.
Phillip: He did some wicked dancing.

What makes you happy?
Tim: Food and alcohol.
Phillip: Plumbs and art.
Tim: Slippers.
Ben: I’ve got a phobia of slippers.

Have you been watching the new TV gameshow Deal or no deal?
Tim: Yes.
Tim: It’s all about Noel Edmunds’ trousers.
Ben: I watch it because Noel looks very much like my dad.
Chrisp: Ben’s dad looks like many people, including Jeff Lynn and a pirate.

Do you believe more in the scientific or theological theorem behind the creation, and existence of the universe?
Ben: Yes
Ben: Phil said, the other day, that art is the universe.
Phil: I said nothing of the sort. Regarding the universe I like to think of metaphysical concepts. But the scientific is nearly right, but not quite.
Ben: As you can see, Phil doesn’t watch enough Deal or No Deal?

Are you looking forward to your LeftLion gig at The Orange Tree?
Phillip: We’ve played The Orange Tree twice before. It’s a nice place. There are always people wandering about. We’re definitely looking forward to that. See you there Wagon Poppers!

Henry Road and Ardency play LeftLion Presents at the Orange Tree on Thursday 18 May.

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