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Cerys Matthews

13 October 06 words: Dom Henry
Cerys Matthews played a memorable set at the Rescue Rooms recently, our man in trainers for the night reports
Cerys Matthews playing the Rescue Rooms, photo by Dom Henry (c)
Above: Cerys singing The Endless Rain

Five years on from splitting with Catatonia Cerys has come along way in the world, beating addiction, and refinding her self and music through a journey to Nashville and back. Now sporting a husband and two young children Cerys has really been places, but her sweetly husky voice has remained true and she’s back, beating a path to your mental pleasure centres armed with new influences and some deep lyrics.

It was busy, eager punters filling up the intimate surroundings of the Rescue Rooms in short order. The Welsh flavoured evening kicked off in the form of Welsh acoustic singer Alun Lan Tan, who pleased the assembled with some geniunely beautiful folk style melodies, albeit largely sung in Welsh, I was impressed.

Cerys and her band performed a really varied set, the changing mixture of influences such as country, folk, soul really keep your intersest. Her track list was a blend of tracks from her new album Never Said Goodbye and the critically acclaimed Cockahoop, with some new material thrown in. What struck me most about the songs was their pathos, intelligently worded and believable you can see she has written from some dark experiences. Highlights were the blackly humoured Chardonnay, the hushed piano ballad The Endless Rain and the ever popular Catatonia encore tune Don’t Need the Sunshine.

Everything was going for this gig, Cerys was on good form, flashing her still striking looks and endearing confidence. The band were great and there was a really interesting selection of heartfelt tunes on offer. Memorable.

Cerys Matthews playing the Rescue Rooms, photo by Dom Henry (c)
Above: Cerys and her band

Alun Lan Tan playing the Rescue Rooms, photo by Dom Henry (c)
Above: Alun Tan Lan

Cerys Matthews playing the Rescue Rooms, photo by Dom Henry (c)
Above: Cerys Matthews

Cerys Matthews (with Alun Lan Tan) played the Rescue Rooms on Wednesday 4th October 2006.

Cerys Matthews website

All photos by Dom Henry (c)


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