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The Comedy of Errors

LeftLion Extravaganza

22 October 06 words: Al Needham
The cream of the Notts music scene link up for one night only on Sunday October 22nd - DO NOT MISS...

This event has now passed, there will be a photo gallery and review coming soon.
Thanks to everyone who performed, helped out and came along.

STOP PRESS: New additions to the line-up!!
Karizma will be hosting the night. Jack Curtis will be doing some magic and Mr Jones will be blessing us with the power of spoken word.
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If you have anything to do with Nottingham, you already know that there’s been no better champion of the local music scene than LeftLion. We’ve interviewed hundreds of bands and artists in our magazine and on our website, played their tunes on our podcasts, and promoted them in venues across town.
This month, however, we’re raising the stakes. On Sunday 22 October, LeftLion takes over the Rescue Rooms, rounds up five of the toppermost bands in town, and lets ‘em get on with it. We’re not lying when we say that it’s a blinding line-up – it’s either the perfect introduction to the Nottingham music scene or a chance to see the cream of NottsRock in one concentrated dollop.
Ladies and Gentlemen, LeftLion is proud to present…
A ridiculously fierce Notts/Derby cross-pollination, The Atoms do not piss about. Drawing from the well of late-70s punky chelp (but without falling into the trap of revivalism, or being shit), they bring to mind The Clash and Ramones at their most pissed-off and are the perfect antidote to student-band miserableness. Stop fannying about in the back bar and get to the front, youth.
“If The Atoms were any more mint, they’d have a big hole in them and would live in your Nana’s tin”
LeftLion Radio
Personal faves of LeftLion, Weeble sound like a Salvation Army band that have accidentally marched into a St Anns crackhouse, and than decided to stay and have a bang on those funny little pipes. A brutally wonderful mash-up of Ska-Punk stylings is guaran-damn-teed, along with things being jumped on and the Rescue Rooms taking on the appearance of a bouncy castle.
"Weeble are the kind of band that could play alone in an empty room, and make it feel like it was filled to the rafters with bouncing bodies, and its this energy that ensures that they don’t have to.”
After the storm, the calm; one of the very best bands this town has to offer, Lo-Ego inject energy, verve and anger into their incredibly lush Prog-influenced sound. Currently garnering obscenely glowing reviews for latest release sle.ep, and seen by more than a few insiders as the one band that could put Nottingham over the top, they’re at the absolute peak of their game.
“Their semi-theatrical prog-rock is surely a natural precursor to anyone who believes Radiohead lost the plot after ‘OK Computer’. One day every band will possess this kind of lucid ambition and enthusiasm. Until such a time, there is simply no ego like Lo-Ego”
Drowned In Sound

The breakthrough band of the year as far as we’re concerned, Grain have spent much of 2006 establishing themselves as the good-time band in Notts – as well as getting played on Radio 1’s and XFM and letting their arses hang out of the back of their aprons at Drop In The Ocean. If you’re hardcore into Kung-Fu Hillbilly Funk, you’d better get your arse over to this gig, because it’s a one-band genre…

"Syncopated swagger, drums and the percussive wizard whipped sly-slick rhythms. Two-stepping bass danced around the intertwined licks of twinned acoustic guitars, as the stage swirled and the singer howled…whistling up the delta, to the open- country plains where the old hoe-down with the new.”
Some people who believe that this lot are the jewel in the crown of the Notts music scene, and they might just be right. Imagine if all the characters in a HG Wells novel got in a time machine in order to buy an ELO box-set and some electric instruments, and then were permanently stuck in the 21st Century, and you’ll get the picture.
“The Hellset Orchestra have verve by the coffin-load. And a break from guitars is a fine thing too. Filling in instead with violins, a cello and sax, they sound like nothing so much as some bizarre Midlands take on a New Orleans funerary band fronted by a mad professor.”

Tickets for this unmissable event are a mingy £5 – but you’re advised to book in advance, to avoid queuing on the night.

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