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The Hellset Orchestra

21 October 06 words: Jared Wilson
"I'm a Middlesbrough FC fan, but I prefer County to Forest. There's something endearing about the underdog I reckon"

The Hellset Orchestra are like a rare bird, swooping around the Notts music scene. Attempts to describe their sound always end in arguments. There are elements of rock, classic, prog, gothic, pop and maybe even a little bit of ska, but in truth they are all and none of these things… if you’ve never seen them then you’ve never seen anything like it. We put some questions to lead man Michael Wetherburn.

Introduce the band to our readers…
My lords, ladies and gentlemen. We give you the Hellset Orchestra.

What have you all been up to since LeftLion last spoke to you?
Playing gigs and recording new songs mostly. Then recording some more and playing some more gigs. Now, we’re doing some more recording. Then we plan to do a few more gigs.

What’s the best gig you’ve seen in Nottingham in 2006?
Nick Cave at the Concert Hall. I think that was this year. Eels, also at the Concert Hall, were great.

What’s the best gig you’ve played in Nottingham in 2006?
Definitely the Dot to Dot festival upstairs at Rock City. It was a great day, plus it’s not often the band get a bit of room on stage to move about in.

Did you make it to any festivals this summer?
I made it to my own festival where I was the only act and the only one there. 

What’s the best album you’ve bought this year?
As in an album that came out this year? I quite like Archie Bronson Outfit at the minute. Yes Virginia by Dresden Dolls is also fantastic. I’ve just bought the new Mars Volta album but am yet to listen to it all. I went through a big Nick Cave phase, followed by a Tom Waits phase earlier this year.

Who are your favourite Notts bands apart from yourselves?
I like the soon-to-be-no-more Legion of Doom and Lords are always top notch.

What recording studio do you use?
We tend to do most things ourselves, out of necessity really.

Are you Forest or County fans?
I’m a Middlesbrough FC fan, but I prefer County to Forest. There’s something endearing about the underdog I reckon.

It doesn’t look like the Market Square is going to be finished in time for New Year. Any thoughts…?
It’ll make the Evening Post happy.

Who is your favourite superhero?
Mad Max.

Anything else to declare..?
Yes. I meant every single word.

The Hellset Orchestra website


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