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Weekly Gig Guide, Oct 16th - 22nd

16 October 06 words: Dannii Leivers
This week in Notts: more gigs than you can shake a Rock City bouncer at
ORSON, RockCity, 7.30pm, SOLD OUT
Orson - who are interviewed in the latest ish of the 'Lion, we'll have you know - are much more than men in silly hats and daft suits. Expect a night of pogo-stick frivolity from Indie’s top boyband, laced with summer pop tunes and singalongs. This gig is sold out, alas, so be prepared to barter with a tout...
THE LONG BLONDES, Rescue Rooms, 7.30pm, £8.50
Since Sheffield set the Arctic Monkeys loose on us, the city has been transformed into the Indie capital of Britain – and The Long Blondes are the next act to emerge from the Steel City to claim our hearts. Wonderful, stylish Indie-Pop diamonds are the order of the day, and the fact that singer Kate is certainly not your average Indie-bird is just another reason to go. Unmissable. 
THE COOPER TEMPLE CLAUSE, Rescue Rooms, 7.30pm, £13.50
They might have lost their bassist Didz Hammond to Dirty Pretty Things, but it’s still worth checking out this highly experimental and long lasting rock outfit. With a back catalogue Post-Hardcore stretching back to the mid 90’s, there’ll be nary a shortage of moments both Rockular and Rollistic.
Local band play an intimate gig at Nottingham’s most intimate venue. Deny the Charge made it to the semi-finals of Junktion 7’s Battle of the Bands, and get better by the gig -expect the darkest of punk vibes twisted with distorted violins, lashings of hardcore, and musical boundaries to be pushed all the way down Forest Road. Skill.
THE AUTOMATIC, Nottingham Trent University, 8pm, SOLD OUT
Unless you’ve been living in a cave in Outer Mongolia with a goat (or just not particularly arsed about Indie, of course), you will have heard the inescapable shout of 'What’s that coming over the hill?!' This gig has now sold out, and if you’ve got a ticket expect some batshit mosh action in the pit. If you havent... 
...or if monsters and hills isn't your thing - but cheap beer and great music is - then check out tonight’s gig at Up and Down Under, the thinking man's Walkabout off the Market Square and across the road from the Malt Cross. It’s their Student launch night so expect cheap booze a-plenty as well as top rock music from Nottingham band Hinterland and Leicester act RedRoom.
JENREL EVENTS PRESENTS, Junktion 7, 8.30pm, £4
It’s a great week for local bands as another Nottingham act headlines tonight’s gig at Junction 7, featuring Censored, The Fakers, The Rise, and The Southern Electrics. Expect riffs galore and pounding beats plus it’s dirt cheap. What more could you ask for from a Thursday night?
THE BRONX, The Rig, 7pm, £10
If you’ve never experienced music shit-hot enough to set your pants on fire, now is the time to experience it. Inhabiting the deep, dark groin of Rock City’s basement, The Bronx - who are actually from Los Angeles, TrivSpods - are bringing their kick-ass Metal to town. Tuck in your brass balls and get in the pit.
PAMA INTERNATIONAL, The Maze, 9pm, £9 adv
The first band to be signed by Trojan Records in two decades, PI effortlessly reach back through the decades to yank proper Reggae firmly into the Noughties. Don’t be surprised if The Maze manages to wrench itself from it’s moorings and rolls down Mansfield Road by the end of the night.
SKINDRED ALL-NIGHTER, Rock City, 8.30pm, £7
Finally, some good news for all those Welsh-Jamaican Ragga-Metallists in Nottingham who have been sitting around wondering when Rock City is going to cater to their needs. This nine-and-a-half-hour binge also features RapCore auteurs Hed (Pe) and rock n' roll saviours The Answer, along with OPM, Roadstar, Rose Hill Drive, and The Weapons. Yoink!
SUNDAY 22nd 
LEFTLION EXTRAVAGANZA, Rescue Rooms, £5, 6.30pm
The Atoms. Weeble. Lo-Ego. Grain. The Hellset mothersodding Orchestra, for Christ's sake. Five headlining bands on one bill for a quid each - all under the banner of LeftLion (quite literally, unless if falls down again). Come on, mingebags, you've had enough free gigs off us - time to show some love for the 'Lion...

For more details on having an absolutely blinding night in HoodTown, cast an eye over the best listings section in Nottingham - right here, youth... 

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