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Lord Biro

16 September 06 words: Rebecca Kielty
What is the aim of this party? "To overthrow the capitalist, consumerist, fascist, corporate state that turned Elvis into a fat media joke!"

It pays off to be distracted every once in awhile. Like when you're half asleep and walking down into the West End Arcade trying to find your way to the only Post Office in town... don't act like you don't know. Trundling along and you happen upon a glass fronted store selling itself as the Guncity Gallery on a slab o' styrofoam. Walk inside and you find a painter/decorator who introduces himself as Lord Biro (it's his pen name- HAHA!). This man is an example of what we truly need.

There is a website for his work. It's political, religious, Elvis-themed, and debauched. Basically Biro rented the space in the Arcade when he had money to do so and then went back to work when it ran out, such a simple system it almost seems impossible. Exhibits include posters, drawings, prints and illustrated poems. The principal medium is photocopier. The art is part of the Church of the Militant Elvis Party which Biro founded in response to the prevalence of right-wing fundamental Christian groups that he feared were guiding global politics. What is the aim of this party?

"To overthrow the capitalist, consumerist, fascist, corporate state that turned Elvis into a fat media joke!" He says, laughing yet totally serious. Perhaps that would explain the mannequin in the window, the one pushing the trolley and wearing red jumpsuit, Elvis wig and sunglasses? "Whadda you mean?" He says, "That's my jumpsuit, wear that to marches!" 

In keeping with the red socialist theme, Biro doesn't actually sell his work. None of it's copyrighted. If anyone asks for something off the wall he gives it freely. Consequently there is no money to match escalating rents and he's having to relocate. Well, more like delocate. Ok, so he's going back to work and a company with computers are moving into the space. But what a wonderful example to set, eh? Quite simply, find what you like, what you believe, work towards it, and it!


Elvis's Revelations

Elvis Loves You
But Jesus may be having second thoughts.

Love Thine Enemy except Cliff Richards.

And Behold I saw a New Heaven
and a New Earth and New Labour
and I thought "Lawdy Miss Clawdy
Not those Ass'oles again."

Love New Labour as Thyself
(We think he was on drugs when he said this)

And Behold I saw a Star
fall on Erewash and the name
of the Star was Kilroy &
It shone exceedingly and dazzled
everybody but not our candidate
because he was wearing a pair of
my Elvis sunglasses.

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