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Richard Snow

11 September 06 words: Andy Clydesdale
Most men try to get away from their inlaws but Richard has his in the band

Richard Snow on LeftLionRichard Snow woill be making an appearance with his band at this month's LeftLion Unplugged at the Malt Cross (Tuesday 19 September). Andy Clydesdale put some questions to him beforehand...

Is Richard Snow Nottingham born and bred?
Yep, I was born at the City Hospital, since I've lived in Bulwell, Sherwood, Basford, Netherfield, Arnold and Mapperley.

What do you think to the music scene in Notts right now?
I reckon it's really good. There's a lot of good venues in the city. Loads of good bands too. Not just Notts either the whole East Midlands is very good at the moment. Especially compared to say 10 years ago when I was first playing in a band. Having said that you still have to use your own steam if you want to get a record out. a&r folk are still too lazy to come here.

Most men try to get away from their inlaws but you have yours in the band. Tell us about The Inlaws?
There's Phill Edmundson, he plays bass and sings and sometimes guitar. Then there's Justin Monkton he's a drummer and he also sings. They both play in other bands that sound nowt like us. They're very nice and not really my Inlaws. My real inlaws are also very nice :-)

I can definitely hear a little Beach Boys in your music. Did the 'hippy' era inspire your music?
Yeh all that stuff. Beach Boys, The Byrds. But also later stuff like The Smiths, Tom Petty, REM, Teenage Fanclub, Daniel Wylie & Jim Noir. Anything really that has good tunes, good arrangements, vocal harmonies and interesting bass lines. I hate that one note bass line that’s popular with lots of bands at the moment, you know, the Keane bass line.

So who do you consider to be your musical heros?
Brian Wilson, Phil Spector, Roger Mcguinn, The Beatles, Del Shannon, Johnny Marr, Paul Simon, Goffin and King , Jeff Lynne, The Monkees, Syd Barrett, Ray Davies, Tom Petty, Sonny Bono.

What shall we expect from your set on Tuesday 19th? A bit of 'Tuesday Music'?!
Haha! very good. Yep some Tuesday Music for sure. Expect some good tunes with pretty vocal harmonies to make you think it's still summer...

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