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Left Brian: April

6 April 07 words: NFFC Blog
"It's always good to try to point the finger at somebody when you're getting frustrated with life as a football fan, isn't it? "
On the pitch..
Given our sketchy form of late, the Ides of March were inevitably quite critical to our flagging ambitions of dragging ourselves automatically from League One.  It all started rather spendidly, when we battered Huddersfield with an impressive 5-1 scoreline.

However, Forest being Forest, we followed this up with a disappointing 1-0 defeat at home to Doncaster Rovers, undoing all their good work in the previous game.  With league leaders Scunthorpe looming large on the fixtures, it was quite surprising to register a draw there.
Next up was the visit of the perpetually awkward Gills from Pikeyville in Kent - and they looked set to confound us with some goalkeeping heroics before a McGugan rocket gave us a 1-0 win we desperately needed.  Next up were Cheltenham, who were a bit rubbish and succumbed to a 3-0 defeat at the City Ground, leading up to the crunch fixture away to Bristol City - which ultimately was to prove a slightly disappointing performance and a fortunate 1-1 draw, keeping the gap to 2nd place at four points with six games to go.
Off the pitch..
Things boded ill in midfield, with Sammy Clingan breaking his ankle in the otherwise fantastic destruction of Huddersfield.  A significant silver lining in this was the emergence of Lewis McGugan - a product of the youth academy - who is making a real fist of staking a claim to the midfield role.
On the signings front, movie fans were thrilled when we signed "Mini-me" from the Austin Powers franchise of movies to cover for Julian Bennett's suspension.  Alan Wright has been impressive for a player of advancing years and diminishing height - and I'm reliably informed that he had to be fitted with children's socks when being kitted out upon signing on loan from Sheffield United!
Of course, cheeky headline writers around the country teased us with lines like "Forest sign Henry!" when we picked up James Henry on loan from Reading.  The young winger so far has made a fleeting substitute appearance as well as turning out for the reserves - hopefully there's more to see from him as he is reportedly a real talent.
There was talk of scrapping draws by ending stalemates with a penalty shootout from the FA Hallucinogenic and General Insanity department, which seems to have been roundly pooh-poohed by the football supporting community.  Whilst we speak of mind-altering substances, it's clear our very own Smoulds had been having a good old toke on something strong when he suggested we were still going to win the league!
The blame game also got another airing - it's a hotbed of opinion and infighting on the message boards, so I had a go at arguing my tuppence worth - with Mark Arthur ultimately proving 60% of the villain of the piece, and sparked off an interesting series of discussions via the commenting system.  It's always good to try to point the finger at somebody when you're getting frustrated with life as a football fan, isn't it? 

Next month.. 

Forest will have to prove they're no April fools and pick up wins in the vast majority of their games if there's any hope of catching up with second place.  Personally, I'm resigned to a place in the play-off lottery - although there is some allure to this, given that the final will be staged at Wembley.  Of course, that's for the teams that get there, and there lies the terror...

For up-to-the-minute Forestness, check out NFFC Blog, because it's right mint.


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