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Green Light in the City

Interview: Pilgrim Fathers

28 May 07 interview: Glen Parver

"Music for birds to fly to. Music for mothers to cry to. Music for astronauts to die to. It's something to do with space, death and music being big"

Crawling from the primordial ooze of Nottingham and the North’s underground riff marshes, Pilgrim Fathers are not just a lovely bunch of lads, they’re also heavier than a monstertruck full of anvils. They’ll be unleashing their musical beast live for us at LeftLion Presents on Saturday 2 June down at the Orange Tree so we asked main man Shelf to tell us what they’re all about.

Who plays what in the band?
I sing and do some other stuff. Feg plays guitar. Dan makes cosmic sound. Kev plays on the drums, Steve is a casual bassist.

Tell us about the other stuff you've all been involved in.
I was in a band called 3Stages Of Pain with Feg and Steve. Dan was making hiphop (he used to be called Zero Theory and produce for Cappo) and Kev was singing in a black metal band and playing drums with various bands in Doncaster. We’ve started making film soundtracks and Dan still does his own stuff. Also, I’m in a Kyuss tribute band with Kev our drummer.

Why did you call yourselves the Pilgrim Fathers?
Because it sounds good.

Who are the Pilgrim Sons?
Pilgrim Sons started because Will from I’m Not From London asked if we’d like to play some acoustic songs in a cave and we said yes. I play drums and sing, Feg plays guitar. We got a bit carried away and now we’re planning all kinds of improvised acoustic stuff with loads of different bands. Recording in woods and churches and stuff.

You describe your sound as 'music for astronauts to die to'. What's that all about?
Music for birds to fly to. Music for mothers to cry to. Music for astronauts to die to. It’s something to do with space being big and death being big and music being big.

What's your favourite of your own tracks?
Not sure about that. Maybe Ultimate Attack Helicopters but we’re working on one called Fist Full of Bags Full of Riffs which is by far the best song I have ever heard.

What's your favourite track of all time?
Anything by Bronski Beat or Fine Young Cannibals.

What are your favourite cities and venues to play?
Nottingham is always good because your mates are always kicking about for a drink and a lark. Anywhere can be fun though. Brighton’s nice. It’s got a pier and seaside.

If you could get anyone in to play with you, who would you choose?

Who are the best upcoming artists we should check out?
Swimming, Hellset Orchestra, Bonsai Projects, Comets On Fire. There’s just tons and tons of amazing bands at the moment. Just avoid T4 and telly and you’ll have a good chance of finding some quality music.

What can people expect from the LeftLion Presents gig?
Lazers, flying, food fights, spinning plates, dancing mice, a cape made out of snakes. Rock and roll too. I might swear.

Describe your average day...
I get up When the sun rises, do a spot of gardening then ride my bicycle to the bakery where I greet the village baker and collect my freshly made bread. After breakfast I take a stroll through the park and feed the squirrels and the birds and then just go from place to place doing good and helping others really.

What was the last album that you bought?
A Credence album and Rancid Hell Spawn’s Gas Mask Love…for real.

What was the last thing that made you laugh?
I can’t say. I might end up in prison.

What was the last thing that made you cry?
I have never cried.

The Pilgrim Fathers play LeftLion Presents at the Orange Tree on Saturday 2 June.

Pilgrim Fathers on MySpace

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