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Nottingham Video OnLion

9 November 07 words: Alan Gilby
You can now watch a selection of the best Nottingham-produced short films and videos on for free

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Once again a few things are changing on the LeftLion website. For the last four years you have been able to read LeftLion, both on your PC and in the pages of our magazine. But then a year or two ago we added an ‘onlion’ jukebox and a series of podcasts so you could listen to us and some of the local music we feature in here. Now we have added another string to our Nottingham Culture bow. You can now watch short films by some of the best new directors in Nottingham, totally free on

LeftLion prides itself on staying near the cutting edge of internet technology. We started out online and have always put as much effort into our website as we have with our printed magazine. New content appears in the form of articles, audio, event listings and photo galleries every day. Our online discussion forum is about as busy as any we’ve found that covers Nottingham, with over 160,000 posts spread over 10,000 topics and it’s growing fast. So if you haven’t paid us a visit yet, you’re missing a trick (

But we try not to rest on our laurels or fall behind the times. We recently got hold of a new server and what better way to rinse our new bandwidth allocation than with a brand spanking new video section. Yeah so YouTube beat us to the punch by a couple of years and convinced Google to pay $1.65 billion for them, but we’re not as far behind as you may think.

LeftLion are taking a different approach to the majority of user generated content clone sites that are appearing faster than a Mansfield girl drops her knickers on a Saturday night. We will only be showcasing the best of what we find in Nottingham. What’s more we’ll be making sure all video we uploaded actually looks good and doesn’t distort all over your screens. Each video will also include information about the people behind and in front of the camera.

We’re open to submissions of any type, including music videos, short films, animations, live performances or anything else decent that you send us. So if you’re a budding filmmaker or a seasoned veteran and you want more people to see what you make, send it to LeftLion.

This is another step towards our goal to make a website that truly represents Nottingham’s cultural voice. The next step will be a big one, so watch this space…

How to get your video on
Send an email to [email protected] telling us about you and what you’ve done in the video world. Give us a 100 word synopsis and credits for the video/s you want us to include. We’ll then ask you to send them to us on either DVD or in a suitable high quality format. We prefer to encode all videos to flv (flash video) ourselves to ensure the best quality possible. You must be the copyright holder of anything you send us.

We have a favour to ask…

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