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Interview: Nuclear Family

6 October 07

'It’s not a question of a man and a woman, and children, more a question of a group of human beings, in a mutual bond'

Nuclear Family are a lively, funky and upbeat four piece pop rocking the party at LeftLion Presents this October. The band is made up of Charlotte (vocals), Mike (bass and production), Rob (drums) and Nima (guitar). They’ve been friends since their schooldays, but formed a band in 2006 through a shared love of good tunes. Very glad we are that they did too…

If you’re a family who is mum and who is dad?
Rob: We are dad, our studio’s our mum and the songs are our offspring.
Mike: It’s not a question of a man and a woman, and children, more a question of a group of human beings, in a mutual bond.

Where did you all meet?
Charlotte: We’ve been close friends for years, but only bandmates for eighteen months or so.
Rob: That’s where the family part comes from.

You last played for LeftLion in July last year. What have you been doing since then?
Nima: We’ve recorded our CD Volume One.
Charlotte: We’ve also played a variety of gigs, from wine bars to tents at festivals. It’s been fun!
Rob: We’ve been developing every tune we have and writing new ones.
Mike: Rob and myself have played gigs with spoken-word artist Mr. Jones, too.

Tell us about Volume One.
Mike: We wanted to make a really nice-looking and sounding CD to give away and we decided to produce it entirely ourselves, partly from perfectionism and partly just from lack of money.
Charlotte: It took far longer than we expected but it’s available now. Hopefully people will like it!

What can we expect from you at the Orange Tree this time round?
Charlotte: We’ll be playing at least one of our new tracks, which we’re really excited about.
Nima: We’re more relaxed onstage now and we’ve sharpened up all our tunes.
Rob: I’d like to think people come away from our gigs saying ‘that was different’.

How would you describe your music?
Rob: Pop, I suppose. We just try to make music that’s original and that we really feel.
Nima: No-one seems to be able to categorise our music, not even us!

What are your influences?
: Loads. Lots of really unfashionable records.
Rob: It’s hard to answer, because we try not to be too influenced by any one thing.
Char: In terms of our lyrics, almost anything you can think of.
Nima: Bad music makes me want to write something much better.

What are your favourite hangouts in Nottingham?
Mike: Our studio. I don’t make it out much these days!
Rob: I like the Gladstone for socialising and a little spot by the river for private time.
Nima: University Park. We like the outdoors.

What was the last album that you bought?
Nima: Tigercity Pretend not to Love.
Rob: Lupe Fiasco’s Food and Liquor.
Mike: Calvin Harris’ I Created Disco.
Charlotte: Rihanna’s Good Girl Gone Bad.

What is coming up for you over the next year?
Charlotte: More recording, live performances and compositions.
Mike: We should have Volume Two out sometime in 2008.

Anything else you want to say to LeftLion readers?
Charlotte: Thanks for reading. We love you, Nottingham!
Rob: Free press is the best, Support it to the fullest.
Mike: If you want a copy of the CD, email us or get in touch on Myspace.

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