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Hetain Patel

7 July 08 words: Amanda Young
In conversation with the artist exhibiting in Italy for the Young Artists Biennale

Hetain Patel is best known for his cross cultural artwork, bridging and questioning the relationship between the asian-british culture; it's traditions, signifiers and meaning, and produces considered performances and video works. He has become a sucessful artist in Nottingham since graduating from Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University, with appearances at the Art Exchange (now the New Art Exchange) and Broadway Cinema, and has since been showing his work nationally and internationally.

Patel was a selected candidate by Nottingham Trent University and supported by the Arts Council England, for his inclusion in the Young Artists Biennale 08, an arts festival of work by and including young european and mediterranean artists. This took place in Italy towards the end of May. We caught up with him upon his return to Nottingham to chat about his experience.

How was it exhibiting in Italy in comparison to the UK?
It was really interesting, with a great response to the British work... it was stimulating to see all the international work on show.

What did you get up to whilst you were there?
I saw many exhibitions and performances, talked to lots of different people including the European press and even enjoyed a bit of the sun!

Who did you work with?
I didn’t work with any artists while I was out there, but did talk to quite a few about their work they were exhibiting.

Will you be showing any of the work you made for the Biennale in Nottingham in the future?
Yes, I’ll be showing some work related to the piece that I showed in Italy. This will be as part of The New Art Exchange’s inaugral exhibition in September.

What do you feel you have achieved for Nottingham as a young artist representative?
Fortunately my work was well received in Bari - this work couldn’t have been made without the freedom and support I gained from being in Nottingham. I have thoroughly enjoyed being an artist here. Hopefully it is this reflection of Nottingham I shared with the international audience at the biennale.

What was most compelling about the whole experience?
The great thing about this trip was meeting and spending time with the other British participants. It was a pleasure to see their work in situ for the first time and make some new friends along the way. It gives further pride in what the region is producing and confidence in the value it has through sharing this internationally.

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