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October Album Reviews

7 October 08 words: Natasha
The Stoop, You Slut!, Swimming and Lovvers

The Stoop
Little Jackie
(S-Curve Records)

Little Jackie – vocalist Imani Coppola and producer Adam Pallin – are the latest proponents of the kind of hip-pop-soul that is everywhere recently. Coppola enjoyed fleeting success in the late 90s before being dropped by Columbia, but returns here sounding like a Brooklyn Lily Allen, though much cooler and sexier. Her sensual voice infuses every track on The Stoop with New York sunshine, dripping charm and cheek.
The title track is a paean to sitting on Bed-Stuy front steps, eating crisps and drinking Corona in the sun, evoking a longing for the care-free summers of your youth. The ‘boy troubles’ tune Guys Like When Girls Kiss is a light, breezy bit of pop that makes Katy Perry sound like a common street walker. The real winning track, though, is still the single The World Should Revolve Around Me - a song that just further showcases her confident swagger, even in the face of a breakup. Comparisons may be drawn, vocally and musically, with the horns and piano style of Back to Black, but Coppola swiftly puts such similarities to Ms. Winehouse to bed in her cheeky dis song Crying for the Queen, in which she swipes ‘Girl, you ain’t got jack on me/Ain’t got jack on NYC’. The samey beats could have turned the album into a bore, but this Black Barbie’s exuberance ensures repeat listens. Shariff Ibrahim
Little Jackie Website

You Slut!
Critical Meat (Stressed Sumo)

This album is a bit like the sound of one hand clapping - minimal, yet magical. On the minimal side there are absolutely no vocals, you can only presume the sluts fear they’d get in the way of a good guitar-driven groove, which judging by the final product they might. Also, all eight songs featured here clock in at about 24minutes in total, which is just over half as long as my generation came to expect an album to be from copying them onto C90 tapes.
On the magical side it’s fucking brilliant throughout! Experimental all the way, but with loads of cool ups and downs! Power chords never sounded so danceable and songs like On the count of 13 go on tangents you don’t expect, but soon grow to love. All in all this is one of the most exciting new albums I’ve heard this year. The stand-out track and potential breakthrough single is mybloodyjesusexploreronfire, though in truth the album is so good as a whole it might not need one. Glen Parva
You Slut MySpace

Primary EP (Izumi)

Swimming are a Notts-supergroup, if one can conceive such a thing. Membership consists of Pete Sampson (aka The Petebox), Andy Wright (We Show Up On Radar), Jonathon Spittlehouse, Blake Pearson and unofficial leader John Sampson. Judging by this five-track affair they’re a tight unit, despite their other projects.
Opener All In Time To The Shoreline features breathless edgy Sonic-Youth-style vocals over an uplifting melody, with the occasional (slightly off-putting) effect that sounds like Microsoft Windows is starting up on your PC. Mirror Maze is a more straightforward affair, like an upbeat Suicide (the 70s psychedelia band, not the act). Instrumental Pretle Pang is reminiscent of Boards of Canada, Here’s a Mountain is a bit Modern-Life-era Blur, but dirtier and current single Panthalassa could be the best song The Killers never wrote.
An impressive mix of electronica, indie, dirty rock and roll and psychedelia are on display here. Get yourself undressed, dive in and enjoy! Glen Parva
Swimming website

Lovvers on LeftLionLovvers
Think (Wichita)

So after over 2 years of touring the length and breadth of the UK and putting out a number of very well received 7" singles Nottingham based 4 piece Lovvers have finally got round to releasing their first almost-full-length release on Wichita records. The noisy discordant hardcore elements of their earlier releases have given way to a punchier and poppier lo-fi surfy garage-meets-hardcore sound. Flying through 7 songs in a little under 15 minutes there's no space for filler here. The recording is raw and the songs are to the point. A stand out track for me is 'No Fun'. The track begins with singer Shaun Hencher hollering "wooooooah" which for some reason always makes me think of the Lulu track "Shout" where she goes "Weeyyllll" at the start, the similarities end there as Lovvers proceed to kick out a great 70's/80's LA style punk meets the Sonics song. It's a shame this is being released towards the end of the summer as this would make an ideal sound track to pogoing around your back garden with your friends whilst having a BBQ and pulling your best pop punk face, if you're in to that sort of thing of course. For fans of Black Flag, Wipers, Black Lips and the Monorchid. Georgios Haberis.
Lovvers MySpace






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