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Spaceships Are Cool Interview

14 October 08 words: Glen Parva
"Being able to survive in the vacuum of space would be nice, then I could go on holiday to whatever planet I liked"
Spaceships Are Cool - LeftLion at Brownes
Spaceships Are Cool - A one man band?

Spaceships Are Cool is the project of one man, Rob Maddison, also seen drumming for Yunioshi. He plays everything himself, unless he’s performing onstage, in which case he brings a whole live band with him. It’s been a difficult year, but now he's back back doing what he does best - performing accoustic electronic pop. We got him to answer a few questions…

What have Spaceships Are Cool been up to recently?
We just started playing together again after I suffered a spinal injury which meant six months in hospital. We kicked off with a live acoustic session for BBC Radio Nottingham.

Describe your style in ten words or less…
Sci-fi sunshine pop.

What kind of people do you think will be into your music?
Anyone who likes to daydream, likes to travel in their mind, likes fisher price toys, likes stylophones, likes little casio keyboards and to buy stuff from ebay they couldn't afford when they were kids.

What are you listening to at the moment?
A Swedish band called Little Dragon, their sound is just amazing. Also the Sticky Situation LP by Icelandic electro outfit Bloodgroup. We’ll hopefully be gigging with them in Reykjavik soon!

Tell us about one of your songs and what inspired you to write it…
City Rooftops is usually the opening song of our live set and, like with many of our songs, it tells a story about people being together. It's loosely set in Copenhagen, a guy befriends a girl living in his apartment block and they keep passing each other on the stairwell. She finally plucks up the courage to ring him and they arrange a nighttime rendezvous on the roof of their block, its the start of everything for them.

Best gig you’ve ever played?
Very recently I played drums as my alter-ego Hakushi yunioshi for yunioshi at The Maze. It was my first gig back now I’m in a wheelchair and so was a bit scary, but we rocked! The best spaceships gig was at a tiny Soho venue called The Black Gardenia, which only holds thirty punters. It was a really beautiful little show.

If you had a super power what would it be?
Being able to survive in the vacuum of space would be nice, then I could go on holiday to whatever planet I liked. Though actually getting there on public transport may be an issue.

What’s your ideal night out in Nottingham?
Some fine tea at Lee Roseys, then over the road to the Broadway for some food and a film (it’s one of the only cinemas where you don’t have to be right at the front if you’re in a wheelchair.

Spaceships Are Cool, XS:IF The Hiphop Disciple and The Stiff Kittens played LeftLion at Brownes on Friday 17 October. Free Entry. Music 8pm-1am.

Spaceships Are Cool on MySpace


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